Lost Angel Available for Pre-Order

Find it on Amazon, B&N, Apple Store, Kobo. It will be available on Google Play the day of, and pre-order should go live sooner. The release date is 1/21 – This Tuesday! https://books2read.com/u/4N9RZN

My Writing Story So Far

If I were to tell my full story of life and writing, it would be many thousands of words. If I were to write this fifty years from now, it might be a hefty book (or two). Now, I just want to concentrate on my thoughts of my writing and my life in the past[…]

The Vexations of a Writer, Avast!

Spent the whole day doing promotion stuff. I’m getting better at it! It’s actually kind of excited. I solicited a total of NINETEEN blogs today about my first book,┬áNight of the Necromancer. That was really cool and I’m expecting great things. The vexation comes with the new upload of the book…it’s doing screwy things I[…]