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The Community

Posted: January 30, 2013 in TV
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I haven’t posted in awhile (meaning a couple days, at this point).

I think I’m very ADHD. I’m reading several books at the same time, and writing several books at the same time. I’ve gotten into the habit now of waking up at 4:30 a.m. Which is cool, except when I get jaw-cracking yawns around 7:30 p.m. when all I want to do is watch Community.


Which leads me to clumsily segue into this show, which is like the greatest thing, ever. I cannot remember laughing so hard at anything, the Office included even in its glory years.

I know this show is probably old news to most, but I’m always late for the train as far as pop culture trends go. My head is in the clouds most of the time, but when I’m not writing, I’m usually watching some form of TV, reading, or of course playing Skyrim.

What do I love about Community? It’s very fresh. I just watched an episode in season three where there are seven different stories, each one based off how events would have gone if a die had rolled differently. Every year, there’s an infamous paintball episode, each one topping the last, and sometimes there are so many pop culture references going on that it is bewildering (in a good way).

Then, there’s Chang. Don’t even get me started on Chang.

Like any good show, Community has characters that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Each is extremely well drawn out, and it’s just such a good show. As a writer, all the subtle jokes that would slip by a lot of people are very cool. This is a show where the humor is very layered. You could watch episodes multiple times and still get new things out of it.

I’m sure a lot of people, my friends included, already watch this show, but for some reason it hasn’t seemed to catch on to the forefront of popular culture, the way Downton is right now. It seems so surprising to me that I show this good is teetering on the edge of maybe not getting picked up again. This is good TV…like Arrested Development good. Maybe that’s what’s cursing it.

I don’t know, but I’m hooked. I’m in season 3 and I think I’m going to have any issues catching up for when it starts up again in February. I’ll see the rest of you Communitees there.

Spent the whole day doing promotion stuff. I’m getting better at it! It’s actually kind of excited. I solicited a total of NINETEEN blogs today about my first book, Night of the Necromancer. That was really cool and I’m expecting great things.

The vexation comes with the new upload of the book…it’s doing screwy things I didn’t expect to as far as formatting. I’m just going to bite the bullet and try to take care of it, but my beloved chapter headings I worked so hard on are part of the problem and have to go. Avast, indeed.

That, and I have to take care of the edits of Apocalypse, finish my new novella that has now crept up to 25,000 words (working title of Dark Prophecies…what do you guys think as far as a fantasy having to do with dark magic with a princess female lead?), as well as go in for my last week of work tomorrow AND applying for new jobs. I’m applying in person tomorrow for one at eight a.m…

Seems like there’s always work to be done if you want to get ahead. Sadly I’m falling back on my running and I’m paying the price. I’ve run once in the past two weeks (and that was only a mile and a half), and I’ve gained FIVE pounds. Oi! I’m going to have to get back on track if I hope to complete this half marathon.

I have to get back to work now, so farewell, readers. Wish I didn’t have to go in tomorrow because I could do so much with the day, but I need the money. All in all, a VERY productive day/weekend. Hardly relaxed the whole time, but it is a good kind of work that I feel like will advance things. Time well spent.

Thanks for reading! Also, new season of Downton. Huzzah!

Down With Downton

Posted: November 25, 2012 in TV
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So, I may or may not just have watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey over the past two days.

I can’t remember watching a TV show this riveting in ages. Not just entertaining, but downright crack cocaine level of addiction. Believe me. *Nods*

So there I was last night, editing, when I needed a break and popped the first one in. Four episodes later it was 11:00…

….What just happened?

Downton Abbey, you have ruined me. Ruined me! I don’t think this book will ever get edited…well…considering I’m halfway done Downton (I finished season one today), at least it will be soon be over so I can alleviate this compulsion. Because I MUST KNOW what happens next.

On the bright side, this show inspires me to write. Maybe because it captures human nature so well. It’s so rare for there to be a show these days that’s almost all character-driven and so thoroughly entertaining. I daresay these are the most fully fleshed-out characters I have ever seen on any TV series. There is not a boring one among them, and just to see their motives and moves is so fascinating. It’s almost so believable that it feels like it’s actually happening, or did happen once. I love all the shots the characters take at each other while sounding so dignified…and yes, classy.

Use that “tele-phone,” Lord Grantham…like a boss.

Downton Abbey…where even hunting is classy.

It’s set in early 20th century England and really captures the conflicts of that area. The struggle between classes, the looming of WWI on the horizon, and of course, scandal. Scandal! And murder! And of course, you sometimes want to the throttle the characters that are in love and knock some sense into them. Mr. Bates, I’m looking at you…damn you and your honor, sir!

Okay, I just googled pictures of Downton Abbey, and guess what? Spoiled! I found out my favorite character dies. But yeah, I could see it coming…but why her? She was the only good one of the lot!

I’m sad now…I guess I learned my lesson. No googling shows you’re in the midst of watching…lesson learned.

Oh, in other news…I did actually get editing done today. Probably 70 percent through Wasteland. After that, one final run through for typos, and then…

We’ll see. Hopefully I don’t lose faith in Book 3, as I did Book 2. All of those involved in Book 2 (namely, me), are doing their best to forget that monstrosity.

Anyhow…signing off.