The Starsea Cycle Collection Is Now Available!

A few days ago, I released a collection of the first three Starsea Cycle Books: The Mages of Starsea, The Orb of Binding, and the Rifts of Psyche. This version has a slight discount, including being the first of the books to include a star map of places the characters visit in the series. You[…]

Holy Cow, Where Have I Been

To be completely honest, life has sort of been kicking my butt lately. Who would have ever thought raising a one-year-old with most of your family living a thousand miles away in a new city where you don’t know anyone would be difficult? *Laughs nervously* Basically, my wife and I have been dead tired all[…]

The Orb of Binding Audiobook Coming Soon!

Synopsis So stoked for this! The esteemed narrator Rob Brinkmann returns with book two of The Starsea Cycle, The Orb of Binding, lending his golden voice to set the stage for an epic adventure. Clocking in at 11.5 hours, book two picks up a few months into Lucian’s training at the Volsung Academy. Lucian’s progress[…]

New site, who dis?

I finally got around to doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time: a better-looking website! It was important for me to have a more up-to-date experience especially as The Starsea Cycle grows as a series. What was important to me was to be able to continue blogging. So that will continue[…]

Chosen of the Manifold is now Live!

Lucian may have bested the cunning Sorceress-Queen of Psyche, but his journey of survival is just beginning… When he learns the location of The Prophecy of the Seven, he has no choice but to embrace his destiny as the Chosen of the Manifold and find it. Only the prophecy can lead him to the rest[…]

Chosen of the Manifold Coming Soon!

It’s been a while since an update. I’ve been so incredibly busy, mostly with trying to get the book ready for publication. Just finished yet another proof where I caught some leftover mistakes, while my glorious beta reading team is hunting even more as I write this. In just a few short days, I’ll have[…]

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been quiet and for good reason. This month has been insanely busy with many things. The first one, we’re moving! We will be moving on from sunny South Florida for Atlanta. My wife got an amazing job opportunity there, so we’d be fools to pass it up. Unfortunately, this move is pretty short notice,[…]

The Rifts of Psyche – grab it wherever eBooks are sold!

The Rifts of Psyche is now available on eBook, and on paperback through Amazon! This one was a lot of fun to write, and at 480 pages, that’s a lot of content for you guys to chew through. Once you’re done, be sure to leave a review and preorder The Chosen of the Manifold! ORDER[…]

Extinction – New Cover

Next to last book has been completed. Like the others, I’m a huge fan of this one as well. I’d like to think this one is Quietus. 🙂 Now we’re just waiting on Xenofall to complete the entire series! I have started a new Facebook group for my readers. If you’re my fan, please join![…]

Darkness – New Cover

I think you might be detecting a theme here with the dragons. Here is the cover of Book 5, Darkness. SPOILERS I’m not sure if you guys remember the details of the book, but it was the black sheep of the series, in my opinion. Most of it took place underground in Bunker 132, and[…]

Revelation New Cover

I have to say, I love this one too! For the first time, we get to see a city background, with a couple zombies and a dragon. Though Alex doesn’t use a gas mask in Vegas, he and other characters do use them when exploring the Xenolith in the Great Blight. I’ll post cover five[…]