Dark Raine (Episode 5: “The Hallway”)

Makara and her older brother held each other in the dark corridor of Long Angels’ HQ. They were watched over by Miss Robles, one of the teachers, who nervously stared into the darkness as the rattle of gunfire sounded on and off, as the building itself shook from impacts of God knew what. “Don’t you[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 3: “Reapers”)

Raine roared past the open gates of Lost Angeles HQ on his Harley. “Close the gates!” he yelled. Though his voice was lost to the din, the guard signaled for the thick, wooden barrier to be shut. Raine looked over his shoulder to make sure his command was followed. It was important that they were[…]

Dark Raine (Ep. 2: “Freedom”)

A year after the day she was rescued, Makara Angel, as she came to be called, hardly ever left Raine’s side. He raised her like his daughter in those first years as she adjusted to life under the Angels. Raine was a busy man, but still, he always found time to spend with her, and took[…]

Dark Raine (Ep. 1: “From the Flames)

So, I’m deciding to experiment with a new thing called Wasteland Wednesday. I’ve been interested in doing backstories for of the characters of Wasteland Chronicles for a long time now, but wasn’t really sure of the format. I’m going to try this thing out, called Wasteland Wednesday, where every Wednesday I’ll post a new flash[…]