Coming Soon to an Audiobook Near You…The Xenoworld Saga!

After many moons, The Xenoworld Saga will finally be coming to audio!

I just commissioned the first book, Prophecy, to be narrated by the very talented voice artist, Brogan Werder. She did a bang-up job on Lost Angel, the Wasteland Chronicles prequel, so she’s no stranger to the Wasteland Chronicles universe. I’m glad she’s agreed to work with me again and finally bring this series to life.

Along with the audiobooks, Xenoworld Saga will be getting new covers. The first book’s cover has already been complete, and if I may say so myself, the great folks at MiblArt outdid themselves.

The rest of the books will be done as qwll, and I definitely notice a lot more downloads with this new version, surpassing even Apocalypse at times. Seems people don’t care that it’s a spin-off series, and just want those amazing dragons on their e-readers. The post-apocalyptic ruins in the background are a nice touch.

Can’t wait for it to be out!

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