Dark Raine (Episode 12: “The Plan”)

When Makara got home to the apartment she and her brother shared, an apartment that once been a small store on the mall’s third level, she immediately told him everything that had happened with Ohlan, along with seeing him in the meeting with Raine not fifteen minutes after.

For the first time in a long time, Samuel seemed troubled. Makara kept waiting for him to answer, to suddenly come up with the solution she hadn’t thought of on her way here.

To see him without an answer when he always seemed to have one just made it worse.

“Are you…sure?” he said, at last.

“I know what I heard, Samuel,” Makara said. “It was him.”

Samuel gave a slow nod, and went right back to thinking.

“What are we going to do, Sam? What if Raine…”

Makara couldn’t bring herself to say it.

Samuel opened his mouth to speak, but stopped short. Whatever he had been about to say, apparently he decided it wasn’t worth saying. Samuel always chose his words carefully, and that habit was driving Makara crazy right now.

“I don’t know, Makara. Raine has to be told, obviously. What worries me just as much is that an agent of the Reapers got in here in the first place. Cyrus, you said?”

Makara nodded impatiently. “They were talking about…killing him, Samuel!” The idea, said aloud, seemed ridiculous. But Raine was a powerful man, and he had many enemies. One of which, apparently, was his brother. “There are lots of unsecured entrances to this place…I’ve explored the entire complex pretty much. For all the ones Raine has blocked, there are still plenty more. I find new ones almost every week, and not all of them are on the ground level. There’s a whole basement section that I’m still exploring…”

“Maybe you shouldn’t do that anymore,” Samuel said. “At least, not alone. With all the ways into this place, I’s a little too convenient for the Reapers that we moved here. There is more space, and it is deeper in Angels’ turf…but what does that space matter if it can’t be controlled?

“What about Raine?” Makara pressed. “What do we tell him?”

“Are you absolutely sure it was Ohlan?”

“He all but said his name. It was the same, gravelly voice. I’d recognize it anywhere.”

“Then how was he able to join Raine so quickly?”

“I don’t know,” Makara said. “He must have while I was outside trying to get back in. If that’s the case, then I barely missed him.”

And if Makara was truly unlucky, then either one of them might have seen her when she left, if they also left soon after.

She pushed that thought away. “I still need to ask Raine if Ohlan was at the meeting the entire time. If not…then I don’t know what to think.”

“Do you think Ohlan suspects you of knowing anything?”

Makara thought about it. He had looked at her curiously when she walked into the meeting, but there was no telling whether he actually thought she knew anything. How would that even be possible? Ohlan was an intelligent man, so Makara wouldn’t put it past him to be suspicious, even when there was no real reason to be. What Ohlan had noticed, without doubt, was her reaction upon seeing him in the meeting with Raine. Makara had always been uneasy around Ohlan, so perhaps that might be written off.

Then again, her gut told her she had reason to worry.

 “We should wait first,” Samuel said. “Until tomorrow, at least. If we go back now and Ohlan sees either of us, it will only make him suspicious. If he suspects you, then surely he’ll be making a note of your actions.”

“Like…he’s watching me?”

“Possibly. Not directly, of course, but he always has those people who follow him around. Those are people who might be more loyal to him than Raine. We can’t be too careful, Makara. We’ll just stay home tonight.”

She hated the thought that she was being watched. She didn’t notice anyone looking at her strangely on her way home, but then again, someone who was following her wouldn’t want to be seen.

“There’s nothing too suspicious about me coming here,” Makara said, after thinking for a moment. “I was supposed to see Raine tomorrow, anyway.”

“So was I,” Samuel said. “We can go at the same time. Once Raine knows, that’s when we can take action.”

Makara nodded. Despite Samuel’s confident words, she could only wonder if it would be that easy.

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