Dark Raine (Episode 9: “The Move”)

Makara watched as the last of the trucks being loaded, signifying the end of another chapter of her life. She had lived at Lost Angels HQ for three years now. The place had been the source of a lot of memories, both good and bad. The good ones had been good, and the bad ones had been…well, terrible.

Even if it had been months since the attack, the building would always bear the scars. The exterior wall of the former office building had never been repaired. Only the wall had been built back up, if not to its former strength. There was no point in building up what was going to be abandoned, anyway.

Raine and the Angels had found a new, better place. No one had known about it until the very day of the move; no one but Raine’s inner circle, any. He hadn’t even told her about it, and like that, there were dozens upon dozens of trucks, spirting away all the important articles in the Angels’ possession, leaving the least important things behind to get later. Such was the importance of keeping the location secret, since an entire gang on the move was a prime target to an opportunistic Black Reaper.

Raine had announced that morning, however, that Angel scouts had reported the way clear – the Reapers were involved in a turf war with the Krakens, making this the perfect time to move. If they were busy killing other people, the Angels could be busy moving house. Within their new home, they could lick their wounds to fight another day.

“We should get on the truck,” Samuel said. “That’s the last of ‘em.”

He wasn’t looking at her, rather, at the line of trucks waiting outside the main gate beyond the wall. Most were just idling, waiting for the order to get going.

Makara nodded, standing up and following her brother. He had gotten tall, even though he was only a few years older than her. Now fourteen, his height and broad shoulders made him look several years older. Besides that, he was smart. He often read an entire book every day, even on top of his normal duties. He gravitated toward anything that had to do with science, would speak for hours with Dr. Luken, a scientist who had worked with Dr. Cornelius Ashton in the Bunker One L-Levels.

Makara only wished she had some talent of her own. So far, the only thing she seemed to be good at was getting into trouble.

She and her brother hopped in the bed of a truck and others piled on after them.

A few minutes later, the trucks began rolling down the broken streets. They passed decrepit towers crumbling walls for what seemed to half an hour, twisting and turning at random intersections. Makara tried to keep track of where they were going, but before long, they were well out of range of anywhere she had been allowed to go. She and some of the other kids had snuck out of HQ a couple of times, but she had never gotten this far before.

Makara was starting to wonder just how far this new base could be…and then, they arrived.

The truck made a final turn, and they were going down, dropping below the streets, underground.

They were in what appeared to be a parking garage. There was a mass of people milling about between crates and vehicles, and only a small amount of Angels controlling the chaos. Some of the people were exiting through a set of doors, apparently leading into the building the parking garage was connected to.

Makara watched for a moment at the place that was to be their new home.

“It’s awful.”

Samuel chuckled. “It’s not so bad. Being underground is much safer than being above ground.”

Makara didn’t doubt that, but she would miss not being able to go outside as easily as in the old base.

“Let’s check out the inside,” Samuel said. “This is just the entrance, after all.”

Samuel hopped down from the bed of the truck. Makara followed him through the crowd, until they joined the stream of people entering through the glass doors. It was packed, but by the time they made it through, Makara was surprised to find herself in vast, cavernous space. Three balconies ran in a line while staircases connected all the various levels. There were little alcoves along the balconies, where people were already congregating. Plenty of sun flooded through the top of the building through skylights.

“A shopping mall,” Samuel said.

“A what?”

“A mall. Where people shopped.”

“Yeah, I got that. It’s just so…big. Almost as big as Bunker One.”

“There were a lot of people back then,” Samuel said, striding forward.

Makara wondered where he was going, until she realized he was joining a line.

“We’ll get our room assignments here,” Samuel said.

“Will we be close to Raine?” Makara asked.


Assuming that was true, Makara thought that this place might not be so bad after all.

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