Down With Downton

So, I may or may not just have watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey over the past two days.

I can’t remember watching a TV show this riveting in ages. Not just entertaining, but downright crack cocaine level of addiction. Believe me. *Nods*

So there I was last night, editing, when I needed a break and popped the first one in. Four episodes later it was 11:00…

….What just happened?

Downton Abbey, you have ruined me. Ruined me! I don’t think this book will ever get edited…well…considering I’m halfway done Downton (I finished season one today), at least it will be soon be over so I can alleviate this compulsion. Because I MUST KNOW what happens next.

On the bright side, this show inspires me to write. Maybe because it captures human nature so well. It’s so rare for there to be a show these days that’s almost all character-driven and so thoroughly entertaining. I daresay these are the most fully fleshed-out characters I have ever seen on any TV series. There is not a boring one among them, and just to see their motives and moves is so fascinating. It’s almost so believable that it feels like it’s actually happening, or did happen once. I love all the shots the characters take at each other while sounding so dignified…and yes, classy.

Use that “tele-phone,” Lord Grantham…like a boss.
Downton Abbey…where even hunting is classy.

It’s set in early 20th century England and really captures the conflicts of that area. The struggle between classes, the looming of WWI on the horizon, and of course, scandal. Scandal! And murder! And of course, you sometimes want to the throttle the characters that are in love and knock some sense into them. Mr. Bates, I’m looking at you…damn you and your honor, sir!

Okay, I just googled pictures of Downton Abbey, and guess what? Spoiled! I found out my favorite character dies. But yeah, I could see it coming…but why her? She was the only good one of the lot!

I’m sad now…I guess I learned my lesson. No googling shows you’re in the midst of watching…lesson learned.

Oh, in other news…I did actually get editing done today. Probably 70 percent through Wasteland. After that, one final run through for typos, and then…

We’ll see. Hopefully I don’t lose faith in Book 3, as I did Book 2. All of those involved in Book 2 (namely, me), are doing their best to forget that monstrosity.

Anyhow…signing off.

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