Well…I’ve hit the wall. Halfway edited through Wasteland, and I just can’t go on anymore. At least not now.

I’m looking at the sentences, fixing them, then realizing I just made it worse. Then I see something that’s inconsistent with something I said earlier. Then I have to go back and fix that…

Editing is hard.

Writing a book is hard…

…yet all the same, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

This is just a novella, but I’m determined to have it done. I want to have it edited by this Sunday, then start the process of Kindle conversion…which is almost as superhuman a feat as writing a book.

I used to think the first draft was the hard bit. At least for me, that’s not the case. First draft is where you have all your fun – where you get to make a mess and do wild and crazy things. All the cleanup is for some poor schmuck later.

But little does first drafter Kyle know…he someday has to don the editor’s hat and be that poor schmuck cleaning up writer Kyle’s mess.

I am close. Very close. And yet there is still so much to be done. I used to think writing the last line of the book was the final tying of the bow, as it were. That’s far from the case. Editing makes or breaks a book. I want this book to be 100 percent typo free (at least as far as it is within my power to do so). I want it to be formatted very well. I want the job to be done at professional, or at least near professional level.

Writing is fun. It really is. I enjoy telling a tale as much as any writer should.

But the truth is, it sometimes feels like a job. Right now, it’s a job. But I am happy. I really like this story, even if it’s starting to annoy me right now.

Maybe I’m done with the first draft, but there is still  much to do.

Also, have some ideas for later titles. After Wasteland goes up, I have an idea for a fantasy novella. We’ll see. I’m kind of excited about it, because I’ve been doing apocalyptic/zombie stuff for awhile.

It’ll be good to sink my teeth into something different.

Anyhow, I have the urge to watch Family Guy. A glass of wine, perhaps, and dinner.

Then, back to the trenches.

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