Extending release date

I hate to do this, but there is no way book 2 will be ready to go by the time I said it would. I’m on my second proof, and there needs to be at least one more after that – in addition to some beta readers, incorporating their feedback, and hiring a copy editor. Hopefully all of that should not take long. I could post it as is right now but there are still a lot of problems with it and that would not be wise.

I’ve been slammed in reviews for grammar – while my writing is not as bad as a lot of stuff that’s published, it’s not at the level I would like to be and I’m willing to pay a professional to do it. I’m still looking for a decent copy editor, and hopefully I can have something worked out by this weekend.

I tried to get this book out from start to finish in about two months. I just now feel like it’s getting within publishable range, but I really didn’t give myself enough time to finish it. For book 3 I’ll take at least three months.

Hopefully when I get it out it will be fully ready.

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