Extinction Off to the Editor

I started working on about three months ago, and finally, Extinction is off to be copy-edited.

I just feel incredibly exhausted. It’s hard to imagine where I’d be if hadn’t started writing full-time last Monday. Probably somewhere on the third draft, still. Thankfully, the book should come out on time. I’m hoping to have it out by the middle of the month.

My first week of writing has been great. I got through my third and fourth drafts, and feel comfortable releasing the book once it’s been proofed. It’s been a very crazy week, writing-wise. BookBub featured my book last Tuesday, meaning that Apocalypse has been downloaded about 16,000 times so far this month (crazy).

It’s great that more readers are finding the series, and it’s a great backdrop to release Extinction to. For my first week of writing, I couldn’t be happier with how things are going!

It’s hard to believe there’s only one book left in The Wasteland Chronicles. I’m about to come full circle, in a sense. By the time the final book, Xenofall, is out, I will have probably been working on the series for a full two years.

Two years, seven books. I couldn’t have imagined this would be my life back in 2012. I thought of what I believe to be the perfect ending for the series, that’s fitting for everything that’s happened so far.

Comment Section

  • I love ur books so much thanks for making apocalypse free I ended up buy all the rest accept for series 6:( it’s not on I books please fix if u can can’t wait to read it. I grew up reading vc Andrews but now I have a new favorite author YOU….. So please help me I need to finish the series And tyvm for all your hard work tc

    • I’ve been in contact with Apple and they are having delays in publishing all books. I’m sorry for the wait, but it should be online soon.

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