Extinction Release Date

I’ve had quite a few people asking me when Extinction will be out, and so far I’m on target to have it out in early April. I will be working on it all week (full-time, yay!), so I imagine it shouldn’t take too much longer. It’s contingent on a few things…

1. I have to get through the draft a couple more times. The end is particularly rough, because I haven’t gone over it yet. I hope to get completely done with my third edit in the next day or two.

2. Hopefully, my copy-editor can take a look at it at some point next week. If he can, then that means I can get it should be out in early April, as planned.

Extinction is the longest WC so far, and being longer, it takes longer to edit. With the glossary, it’s almost 90,000 words, a good deal longer than Darkness and Revelation, the next longest books in the series. A lot of stuff happens, and it sets up the final action of the series quite nicely (or at least, I hope nicely).

So, early April is my answer. I’m not going to give a firm date because I know how things can shift around, like Darkness did (which came out three weeks later than I’d planned)…

The nice thing about being full-time is that I can dedicate everything to finishing this.

As always, thanks for reading, and I am greatly looking forward to my first week as a full-time writer!

Comment Section

  • I’m so excited to hear that the book is almost ready.I loved all the other books. I didn’t even know you came up with the name and possible date range yet. This is the first time getting back on your website in like a month. Do you have any idea what the price range of the boom will be?

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