Extinction/Life Update

Updating my blog is something I’ve been meaning to do more often. In ye olde days I would update almost every day, or every other day, by now it’s more like once a week.

Today was spent reading and writing, which is all I planned on doing. I also made my bed, which I don’t usually do, but you probably aren’t interested in that. My life is pretty boring, so much so that making my bed is news to report. Ahem. Anyway…

I’m currently 43,000 words into Extinction and I have to say…I’m really liking it. Not at all what I’ve expected so far and I’m not really sure where exactly it will end up. My plan is just to keep writing until the words stop. Every page is getting closer to Ragnarok Crater, but a lot still needs to happen first.

I’m sort of inspiring myself by rereading the epic-ness that is Lord of the Rings. Though the movies are mostly faithful to the books, the books have such an insane level of detail to them that’s hard to rival. I finished The Fellowship today and just find myself fascinated by the world and languages Tolkien created. It really is like stepping into another world and it’s something I could never rival. Not that I’m trying to, by any stretch, but LOTR is really good inspiration for the story I’m writing.

I’m not sure when Extinction will be done, but my best guess is late March/early April. This one will be as long, or longer, than Darkness, which was the longest installment to date. There’s lots of exciting developments in the book as the series draws to a close…that will be a sad day when I write the final line and start something new. These are characters I’ve been with for over a year, now. It’s hard to believe because the time has gone by so fast.

Anyhow, I shan’t depress myself further.

Comment Section

  • Hi Kyle
    At this moment in time I am not sure whether to be happy or not. At the beginning of February I decided to buy the first book in the Wasteland series. I have now read all of them to date and just found out that you haven’t finished writing these great books. Please write faster; no sleeping or eating until you have finished.
    Your new fan

  • Firstly I must say what an amazing series, im currently reading darkness. I started only a month ago from the first book and the series has had some truly amazing twists along the way. It was only by chance I found this book, I searched ‘fallout’ in the kobo store and it came up with the wasteland chronicles. Please hurry up and finish the next book, what am I supposed to read between darkness and extinction?

    • Glad you found the series, Ben. If you want some post-apocalyptic book recommendations, I can recommend “Breakers” by Edward W. Robertson, “The Silo Saga” by Hugh Howey, or the “Wasteland Saga” by Nick Cole. All of them are fantastic post-apocalyptic reads!

      Also, Extinction should be done in the next month or two. Just passsed 60,000 total words for the book.

      • What about ‘grockle’ for a name of a type of infected. Its a Dorset term meaning ‘outsider’/ ‘one that does not belong’.

  • I have read the first two books (and downloaded the third). The books remind me greatly of the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Great story, good action, interesting characters. Keep up the good work!

  • kyle I honestly love this series, it has been a while since I’ve read a good book and I am always so captivated by your stories. I have managed to read every book in this series in 2 weeks and I just finished Darkness (I started it last night). Keep up the awesome work. I love your writing and you should keep writing until the end. No brakes, lol. Thank you so much. Your new fan Rockey

    • I’m trying to write as fast as I can without burning out. The sixth one is coming along and should be out in a month, at most two. Thanks for the comment.

      • Thank you so much for dealing with possible strass occuring in your life just to write this amazing series. You’re awesome. Thanks again

  • I just wanted to drop in for some moral support while you are working on the next book. I hope that everything is moving along – your fans are waiting patiently for the release. The cover looks great – exciting!

    I also wanted to give everyone the name of two series that are great reads while we wait for your next one to come out. The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) by Chris Paolini and the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. Both of these are phenomonal series and I recommend that anyone who likes fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian genres check them out. I cant stress enough how great they are – you won’t be dissapointed and they may keep you busy enough until Kyles next book drops; depending on how quickly you read.

    I hope that all is well, kyle, keep up the great work

  • Thanks for this series so far Kyle. Each book gets better than the last. The pace is gripping and plot-line enthralling. I have lost quite a few hours of sleep turning “just one more page”. Great work!

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