Final Two Xenoworld Covers

With these two, the series rebrand is complete!

This is a very basic cover that hearkens to the original Dissolution cover with the Thought Dome in the background. The main difference is just Shanti standing in front and the color scheme.

The new Aberration cover goes a different direction as the original. I wanted to do the tree but finding one that fit quite right (without using original art) was not going to be easy. So instead, we just have a landscape that includes the interior of Ragnarok Crater, the Tower of Shal, and a couple of dragons duking it out for good measure.

So with that, the new covers are done! Big shout out to Olivia Pro Designs, where all credit is due. The new paperbacks should be in the process of updating, and one day hopefully in the future, audiobook covers for when I need them. Finding the money for production will be the hard part, but it is something I want to do for the future.

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