Hello. Long time, no blog post.

Things have been insanely busy lately. I’ve had to make some sacrifices on how I spend my time, so posting on here/social media or even keeping up with friends has taken a backseat. My life has become dominated with taking care of the little one while spending the rest of that time writing/editing. Alas, sacrifices must be made.

The schedule I set for myself is now hopelessly out of reach, but I’ve come to terms with that, realizing that this year isn’t going to be as productive as I initially thought. That said, I’m pretty confident I’ll still have five books out this year, and hopefully six, which admittedly is much better than I usually do. Book 3 is halfway revised and goes for proofing in March, and should be released in early April. Of course Book 2 will be out on time on February 25.

In other words, things are moving along as fast as I can manage them. Which is slower than I would like. I’m really enjoying this series a lot. What’s crazy about it is I don’t think my twelve book prediction will be too far off base. It will take about four books for things to start coming together, but you guys will just have to see what I mean there. Unfortunately, that will mean waiting a few months before you even get to that point. Very cruel, but it is what it is.

Well, I can’t think of anything more to write. Just wanted to update you guys in case it seems like I’ve been a bit quiet lately.

Comment Section

  • Hello Kyle,
    Things happen, and sometimes we have no control over them. You do what you’re able to do, we are always here for you, and your books.
    Take care. Be safe.
    Stay blessed,


  • Family first, schedule close second. Sounds to me like your anything but behind; you’ve got quite an impressive number of books lined up. As you know I’m waiting for the next book but I was sorry that we had to say goodbye to the two left on the island. Maybe one day their names will pop up from someone else they were able to help.

    Hugs to baby and a Hi to your wife.

    • Well, I set a very ambitious goal for the amount of stuff I have on my plate, so scaling back is necessary. Still, should be a good year.

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