Houston for a few days…

Came down to Houston to see a writer friend of mine, trying to keep busy and get inspired. Lo and behold I’ve gotten a new idea that I think will give the book much needed fresh air. I’m going to be in Panera all day pretty much hashing it out.

Houston is sort of the land of my birth (from a town not too far from it) and it’s been interesting stay in somewhere I haven’t been for awhile. There’s a familiarity to it that’s hard to put a finger on.

Anywho…here’s to a productive writing day.

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  • Just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your Wasteland Chronicles and can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
    I like how you get straight to the point rather than spending too much time describing things. I really like being able to imagine the places, creatures, and what the characters look like myself rather than reading 2 full pages of descriptive text. You explain things but you don’t go overboard.
    It must have been a great accomplishment to complete all 7 books and I give you props for that. Great imagination.
    Good luck for the future.

    • Bodie, thanks very much for the compliment! I agree about how many authors can over describe things – I read a lot of fantasy so it’s pretty common, so I intentionally write in a way that makes a fast moving story priority number one, while focusing on the bits that are most interesting to me. Thanks – I hope you’ll stay tuned for the future series! Hoping to have the first book out either late November or early December.

  • do you have any books you would recommend that are like the wasteland chronicles? i currently have nothing to read and its driving me insane. I need something to read and I want to read somthing like your master pieces.

    • I would recommend the Life After War series by Angela White. Both her and Kyle are my faves at the moment. I love post apocalyptic fiction. Although, I’m a bit like you, I have nothing to read at the moment because I am waiting for their new books.

    • I haven’t read “Life After War” but I’ve heard good things and it’s waiting for me on my Kindle. If you’re looking for something post-apocalyptic, I found the “Wool” series by Hugh Howey to be very good – it’s three books long. I don’t read too much post-apocalyptic fiction, actually – I’m more of a fantasy guy with a touch of sci-fi here and there.

      I think you might really like “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan. It’s a fantasy series, and it’s 15 books long, so it has plenty to keep you busy. It also has that post-apocalyptic element to it, a sense of time is running out, but that becomes more evident later in the books. I’m re-reading the first book right now and I’m starting to realize how much he’s influenced my writing…the main difference is that my pacing is a bit faster and I write from a first person perspective. That said, he goes into a lot of detail, but for me that’s a good thing. Rereading it, I’ve realized that he came up with the idea of a Great Blight before me, so maybe I was subconsciously giving him a nod.

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