I think the first draft of Book 4 is done…

I think I just wrote the final scene for Revelation.

This one was written very quickly – about one month – and it’s quite different from the first three. There’s still plenty of action, but it has a slower pace. More pieces come into play, and I hate to think of it as a set-up to the fifth book, but in a lot of ways, it is. There is no big confrontation in this one – that will probably be for Book 5, which will probably be the longest one in the series just for the sheer amount of things that have to happen.

Revelation is about 51,000 words now, and as I go through with my edits, that may increase.

The main plot point is a game changer for sure, and will give the series the final direction it needs to reach its conclusion, two books in the future (possibly three). Some noteworthy things about Revelation is that is the beginning of a change in pace for the series. Characters find themselves in new roles as they adapt to new situations and new threats. Alex takes on an increased role for himself toward the end. There’s a BIG TWIST toward the end where suddenly, everything will make sense about the xenovirus…and the “revelation” itself is quite mind-boggling (hopefully).

In short, the characters will receive all the information they need to know to plan for the final attack on the Crater – but first, they’ll have to deal with the opposition in the next one or two books: The Black Reapers, and the Nova Roman Empire. That one will be a lot of fun to write.

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