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First off, this isn’t me saying I’m going to be starting a new series with this in mind: it’s purely hypothetical. But I’ve been thinking about what will come after Xenoworld, which I hope to wrap up in 2-3 more books.

This was the idea I had, though (fair warning, this paragraph will contain spoilers for Wasteland Chronicles so if you haven’t finished, you might want to skip it this paragraph for the third). In most alien invasion stories, it’s usually about the humans winning against impossible odds (think Independence Day, or even Wasteland Chronicles to an extent, even if humanity’s victory wasn’t exactly complete in WC). So, what I was interested in was turning that trope on its head: what if the humans didn’t win, but instead were completely conquered in a matter of days, enslaved, and completely outmatched against an alien foe they couldn’t hope to contend with?

The novel, or series, would center on humanity’s struggle to survive under the alien invaders’ thumb perhaps twenty years following in the initial invasion, which is over in a matter of weeks since the humans are so outmatched. The humans would be mostly spared, except for those who resisted, because the aliens would be mostly interested in using humanity as subjects and slaves rather than just wanting to kill them outright.

The premise would be that humanity finds itself as just one small planet in a vast alien empire that spans a good chunk of the galaxy. Any rebellion, if it can be cobbled together, would just be swiftly crushed. While the majority of humans would live as slaves in the new social order, a few would be raised up as a new nobility to serve as puppets for their alien overlords, which would create some interesting tension within the species itself.

Needlessly to say, the idea is deliciously dark and depressing, which is how I like my fiction. I mean, there might be a happy-ish ending, but I want it to be more complicated than good guys (humans) versus bad guys (aliens).

This was just a random idea I’ve tossed around with a couple of friends, and it also involves a killer robot empire that’s at war with the alien hegemony under which the humans are enslaved. There would be quite a few different characters from all walks of life: from the slave working in the slums, to the nobility living a comparatively easy life, and perhaps alien characters as well. It would be fun to have the invasion take place in the modern day, but after it’s over twenty years later, to have Earth completely transformed by alien technology which is incomprehensible to people because it so advanced.

This idea may or may not come to fruition. I have so many ideas that there’s no way I could ever get to them all. While I’m sure there are novels that focus on the aliens winning and enslaving humanity, or the opposite where humans go out are the bad guys (sort of like Ender’s Game), it seems the vast majority of alien invasion stories have the humans winning against very long odds. There’s nothing wrong with that type of story, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve read novels like that or books like that.

I think this idea is a lot more interesting because the territory hasn’t been trodden upon as much, even if has been trodden upon before.

What do you guys think?

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  • I think it sounds really good. I can imagine you working on this series for quite a long time. Yes, it sounds like a very dark story for us humans so I have to honestly say, that as a human myself, I’d like there to be at least a little light at the end of the tunnel. There has been several out there, even on TV, but we resilient humans always seem to come out on top no matter how advanced the aliens are. I do remember one or two movies where we didn’t win and I do have to say it was a refreshing difference. I say yes, but can we go for a shade lighter share of gray as opposed to a dark gray or black scenario?

    • Yeah it sounds grim but it wouldn’t be that bad. I wouldn’t be writing it just for the sake of being dark, but for the sake of being realistic as possible. I wasn’t thinking the aliens would be all that oppressive, at least not after the invasion itself, but humans would definitely be subjected to them for the most part. Who knows, just an idea I’ve been thinking about for the past few days.

  • Hi, Kyle!

    Your series idea of man not winning, but, instead, of man living with, and in spite of, alien rule sounds intriguing to me!! We should stretch our minds to consider the alternate situation. And, we need to be reminded to examine our current Earthly lives and environment.

    This series would exact quite a lot of work on your part, Kyle. No doubt about it. New technology ideas alone would offer the chance to try out your most extreme notions of what alien techs might come up with. I can imagine that you will really enjoy this journey!!

    I say, please consider writing this series! There are plenty of us out here who are ready to read it RIGHT NOW!!

    P.S. I enjoyed your trial run of Wasteland Wednesday’s closer look at Makara’s early life (Makara from Wasteland Chronicles). Would love more of the same about others in the main series. Especially about that “old guy” I still have a crush on, but, can’t recall his name at the moment. LOL (some crush!)! Wasn’t it Addison or Adhurst (or similar?)! So, there’s a request from one of your more mature readers of age 72, nearly 73!!! LOL!
    🙂 Shayla Markham – izzylea21

  • Sounds interesting and deep. Definitely outside the box. Often when I read, I find myself anticipating the plot, like you stated, waiting for the humans to prevail. I like your idea and your twist.

  • I absolutely love this idea and I encourage you to do it! It really sounds like a great idea (:

  • Sounds amazing!!! Can’t wait to read it!! Love your style of writing so I can honestly say, no matter the plot, I’ll be an avid reader!! Keep up the wonderful work!

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