I’m a Writer

I’m a writer.

Ever since I could read, I’ve written. Science fiction and fantasy, mostly (though to be fair, I did not really start until high school, and there were gaps here and there). To me, books offer entertainment and imagination far beyond anything else out there today. More than TV, more than movies, more than video games. The reason is because fiction relies on the most powerful graphics card known to man – the human imagination – and the imagination can simulate feelings, relationships, and problems in ways that technology probably never will.

Ever since I got sucked into my first stories, I wanted to do the same thing for other people. I wanted people to read my stories and be transported to another world. It’s through fiction that we can best see what it is like to be another person. This is why readers of fiction have been shown by studies to have overall higher emotional intelligence than non-readers, or just pure readers of non-fiction (though I don’t have the studies on hand, I read it in a book called The Storytelling Animal).. There is something about ┬ástory, real or not, that changes our brains, makes us smarter, and makes us better human beings.

Story is powerful. It’s addicting. It’s how we see everything. When we don’t see a story for lives, or the story for what we’re doing, we don’t see the point. Nothing has meaning unless there is a story to it.

Point is…story is powerful, and writers are important. Writers tell stories. They can be important stories that change the world and the way people think. Or they could just be an escape. I fall in that camp. I’m not out to change the world, just make the day a little more entertaining.

I’m not there yet, not completely. But I’m getting better. This novella I’m working on right now…ugh. It needs a lot of work. There’s a lot in it that is not the story. It needs to be taken out, and this main character needs to find her voice.

I hope we can figure it out.

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