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These past three weeks have been a huge blur. Lots of getting up in the middle of the night, diaper changes, and all those things that come with raising a newborn. And in those rare moments of quiet, when I’m not sleeping, I’m working.

Despite everything going on – and it’s a lot – Book 1 of my new series is getting the final touches. My own edits are done. Right now, I’m just proofreading and catching the obvious stuff before sending it off to another editor give it another pass. That should be done in the next few days, hopefully.

After that’s done, hopefully I can get those edits back in a timely manner (probably late October or early November). After that, beta readers will get the advance version to catch whatever the editor missed.

In early November, the cover art should be finalized. One of the main hold ups is I’m terrible at titles. I’ve experimented with a lot of different things. Titles are hard because they can literally make or break your book. They have to communicate what the book is about while still being somewhat original. That, and I’m blending two genres (sci-fi and fantasy), so the title has to communicate those two things quite clearly, along with cover art.

So, this is by no means conclusive. But name of my new series, I’m thinking, will be called The Oracles of Starsea. It sounds very fantasy-ish, with an element of space sci-fi with Starsea – a concept of my own creation that fits into the series (which will be revealed in later books). I’m somewhat happy with it, and if I don’t think of something better, it will probably be the working title.

I haven’t come up with a great name for book one, honestly. What’s funny is I’ve written titles for up to 12 books in this series but still haven’t found one for the first book. Possible titles include Fate of Mages, The Way of Mages, Passage of Mages, Stellar Mage. That last one sounds cheesy to me, but at least it’s pretty clear what the book will be about. Could be I’m on the wrong track, because I’m not super happy with that direction. I just want a title that communicates that there are magic users in space, and it’s sort of hard to do that without blatantly stating it. Of all the titles, Passage of Mages is probably the closest thing to what the book is actually about, but it doesn’t necessarily say anything about outer space – which could be a problem.

I know for my current fans I could name my book literally anything and people would buy it. So, I’m mostly keeping in mind new readers who aren’t reading me for me, but just for the story or genre. For them, I sort of have to come up with a good title that communicates exactly what my story will be about.

Another thing I’m looking into is developing a dedicated ARC team of ten or so peeps to post reviews on Amazon the day the book goes live. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but now’s a good time as ever. I need to figure out how to go about that. The book should be out in early December. It’s more or less done, just awaiting to go through all the filters (professional proofreading, beta reading, ARC readers, cover art, publication. And of course before all that, finding a decent title).

Sorry if this post is haphazard and rambling. Don’t have much time to edit it down or make it somewhat legible, but figured I’d let you guys know where my thoughts are and reassure you that things are moving along. If you have any ideas for titles, I’m all ears. I understand I haven’t revealed much about the series itself, but you can expect magic and mages in space, futuristic spaceships, a sprawling story line, a long dead alien race’s ruins, lots of different worlds to explore, and other things I’m sure.

I’m hoping this series turns out to be popular, because I have a lot of ideas for it. Could be more ambitious and epic than Wasteland and Xenoworld combined. Not to hype it too much :).

Comment Section

  • Loved the rambling, it gives us great insight into where your mind is, where your books are concerned. The only title I can think of, that will go with what you have is “Space and the Passage of Mages” or if you want to make sure readers get it, “Spaceships and Passage of Mages”.

    I gave some good news to tell you; it’s finally official I’m a paid Pre-editor, Beta reader, even marketing. I’m excited to get my first book to work on. It’s this company that helps new authors. I, of course, will happily continue to work with my regular authors and can’t want to get yours and I hope I’ll be on your list of ARC readers.

    Did you get my puzzle?

    • That’s super awesome you’ll be getting paid to do what you love! Of course you’ll have a spot on my ARC team. Those who are already beta readers will have first dibs, of course.

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