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  • I started reading Omnibus today, and I realized something. Alex said his mother died while giving birth to him, but in appocalypse she died giving birthto his little sister Abby when he was seven. Abby also died minutes after her mother. Was this an accident or did you want tow change his past a little bit?

    • Actually, in the original, Abby was Khloe’s little sister who died so it remains the same. It may have not been made too clear in the original.

  • I See where Abby is said to be Khloe’s sister now 🙂
    when Alex leaves the bunker with Michael he’s really quiet and when Michael says something about it Alex says nothing aloud, but he has inner monologue where he mentions that his mom died while giving birth to his little sister when he was seven

    • Ah, I see. Yeah, I suppose that part was removed. Honestly it’s been so long that I wrote the original that details like that can be lost. At the same time, I don’t think the series ever mentions him having a little sister again. At least, hopefully not for consistency’s sake.

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