LOST ANGEL released!

At long last, Lost Angel: A Wasteland Chronicles Prequel has dropped practically everywhere e-books are sold.

Pick it up here.

Lost Angel Ebook Kindle Size

On a personal note, it was fun to return to the Wasteland. It’s a bit crazy I wrote my first book for it in December 2012 and here I am, a little over seven years later, still writing stuff for the series.

I had fun stepping out of first person perspective for the first time in a published novel, and I ended up writing and publishing the book in probably two months. Not a record, but definitely the fastest I’ve written in quite a while.

Is it possible we see backstories for more Wasteland characters? Maybe. Kind of depends on how the masses react to this one, as the writing style is a bit different.

For now, the best career move is probably to move into something completely new. If you liked Wasteland and Xenoworld, then you’ll probably like this, too, even if there’s going to be bit of a genre shift from Earth and into space.

I’ll tease more a bit later, but for now, let’s let Makara have the spotlight.

Comment Section

  • I have favorite genres, one of them being sci-fi/ space and am happy to hear what you’ll be working on next. I’m one of those fans that hope to read more future stories from Wasteland; especially from the beginning. Maybe concerning the other bunkers and the families their how their end came about.

    Well that’s it for now. I don’t want to keep you from working on your next adventure.

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