Milestone – 2,500 Sales!

Wow. Just, wow. I wasn’t expect to write this post until next year (that’s how optimistic I am).

A little over a month ago, I wrote my milestone post for 1,000 sales. It took months of hard work and slogging in the trenches to get to that point, and I was very proud of that achievement. I didn’t even reach 1,000 until August, when I had three books published.

Now, October 3, 2013, I’ve gotten 2,500 total sales on The Wasteland Chronicles. I am stunned speechless by that. I am so glad that readers are finding the books, and it’s so encouraging when they reach out to me to let me know how much they like them. It’s been very crazy, and it just makes me want to work harder and reach higher with these next books.

I hope that’s what I’ve done with Revelation. I’m over halfway done with my final edits, and then it’s to the copy editor. It should be out in a week or so (depends on how fast the copy editor can work through it, as I should be done editing sometime in the next two days).

I face a lot of insecurity as a writer, because I know what I write isn’t perfect/there are still major flaws that come about as a result of my inexperience. I’m getting better as I go along, and I’m just very glad that you guys have come along to explore the world of the Wasteland with me.

All I can say¬† is, I am very awed and very humbled by everyone who took a chance on Apocalypse and ended up liking the series. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t say that enough. You guys are awesome.

Comment Section

  • Great writing! Quite fascinated by your creation and imagination! If your next volume has more pages, obviously it is worth more to the reader! Press on! Will try and share with others the enjoyment I found with your books! Santa Cruz Ca Fan

    • Thanks for you encouragement, John! The fourth one should be out in just a few days. Finishing the final round of edits and then sending the manuscript on to the copy editor this morning. Thanks for stopping by!

    • I’m glad you love them! You’re in luck, because the fourth one should be coming out in a couple of days. I’ll be sure to post everywhere postable when it does!

  • Ran across your Wasteland series accidently, read the first, hooked. Love them. Can’t wait for the next.(Hurry,hurry, tapping foot.)

  • I accidentally came across your books and I’m so glad I did !!! Keep up the anazing work !!! I hope you make many more series after the waste land chronicles ! Maybe think of gang wars and a series ? Would sound very interesting !

    • Glad you accidentally came along them too :). Haven’t though of doing any sort of gang wars as a series, but there will be some post-apocalyptic gang war action at least in Wasteland 5, and barring that, Wasteland 6 for sure. We’ll just have to see where it goes. I have tons of ideas, but it will take years to write them all down into books. I guess that’s a good problem to have, huh?

  • This book series is absolutely amazing. I am only twelve but I understand the content perfectly. You make the books seem simple and make it easy to understand to most readers. Yet you use such complex words that adds a vivid description. I am almost done with the 5th book an I wanted to tell you that I have not read a series this good since the last I Am Number Four book came out. I am very happy you made this series. And I was wondering if you could give me a (doesn’t have to be specific) time range of when you think the sixth will come out.

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