Monday Progress Report

The first draft of Book 4 (still untitled) is probably over halfway done, sitting at 53,000 words. I made good progress on it last week, although I wish I could have done a bit more. Still, it’s coming along a lot faster than the third book, so I’m pretty pleased about that.

The plan this week is to add another 10,000 words or so, and once I’m over 60,000 words, it should be fairly simple to wrap things up. I’m especially excited to get to about word 75,000 because things are going to really speed up then when the surprise twist comes. Well, not really a twist, but something really cool is going to happen that will have you guys very happy.

Anyway, this one will be a fun book. It will feel much shorter than Beacon, but Beacon was also the longest book I’ve ever written. This will be more similar to the first two books in length.

Comment Section

  • Wasteland Wednesday Yes please! Can’t wait for the next Xenofold book, love your work.👍 Thanks for the epic journey

  • What is the book title going to be? Have you picked anything or are you going to keep it as Sanctum (that’s what it says when you are on the Xenoworld Saga webpage)
    Btw, I love your books! You are an amazing writer and you have even inspired me to start writing myself!

    • I’m actually not sure. Sanctum was going to the name but they’re are going to be spending little, if any time, at the Sanctum. But we shall see.

  • I am an avid reader I love books in general but the wasteland chronicles is by far my favorite series. Every time you release a book I re-read the whole series again and I fall in love with it every time I read it! I feel like after book 4 you should fill us in on the in between in the red wild would love to know more about the colonia war and more about the dragons and there lives!!!

    • I’d love to go into all that background but sadly a lot of it wont fit in the series unless I made it super long. Which I might do because I really love the characters and the world. You’re going to get a lot of new info in 4 and I can’t wait till everyone sees what happens!

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