My last blog for the year

It’s 12/31/2014, the last day of the year. I’m sure this isn’t news for most of you.

Overall, it’s been an incredible year of writing. I’ve published three books, and honestly, I’d hoped for it to have been four or more, but since I’m nearing the end of the first book of The Xenoworld Saga, that means that will just be more books for you guys in 2015.

The highlights were quitting my day job in March (woohoo!), finishing The Wasteland Chronicles in June, and finally figuring out what the follow-up series would be about, something I wrung my hair about for a good two months after several false starts. There were a couple of dark spots, including a major knock on my sales with the debut of Kindle Unlimited. Thankfully, I’m still earning more than enough to make a comfortable living and I had an incredible beginning half of the year, but it’s taught me that things can change swiftly and that I always need to be on my toes about promoting and releasing new books.

I’m approaching 2015 with cautious optimism. The landscape has changed a lot, and competition will be a lot stiffer. My dream would be to write and finish The Xenoworld Saga over 2015. Depending on how much people like it, I could see it going for as long as seven books.

My main plan is to get three books out quickly: Books 1 and 2 of Xenoworld, along with an omnibus of Wasteland Chronicles. I’m currently reworking a revised edition of Apocalypse¬† with additional content, but it’s still far from ready. I hope to have it done and out by January.

As far as the first book of Xenoworld, pie in the sky would be late January, and the depends a lot of stars aligning, but February is a more realistic date. Book 2 shouldn’t come out long after, because I’ve already written a lot of material for it.

This December has been a really nice surprise. Apple selected Apocalypse for a free first in series promotion, and since then, the first book has been flying off the virtual shelf (currently about 6,000 downloads on Apple alone). It is a very nice way to end the year and I’m glad the series is reaching new readers.

All in all it’s been an amazing year of writing, and I’m hoping 2015 will be even better.

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  • Help Kyle the names Nick here well to make a long story short I went n got myself a new phone n downloaded the kindle unlimited app and apocalypse was the first book I downloaded because it was free of course n I could not put my phone down read the book in its entirety in one day lol it’s hooked me and if the squeals are just as exciting then ill be purchasing them all thank you for such a great story it’s rare I find things that I can’t out down.

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