New Kingdom Cover

The new cover for Kingdom is done! This one might actually be my favorite now.

Kingdom is a bit of a weird Xenoworld book. It’s the first book in the series where the characters get access to Odin, which is featured on the cover. They jump around all over the place – from the Northern Wild, to Shenshi, to Dragonspire, to Atlantea, and back again to Hyperborea and the Thought Dome.

It was sort of hard to decide on what location should be featured, so I went with a mountain that matched the description of Dragonspire. And instead of featuring dragons, I thought featuring the ship might add a different element of this series, since it is a fantasy/sci-fi fusion.

Either way, we have just two covers left to do. The artist is working on Dissolution, which will be be somewhat similar to the current cover for that book, only done in the same style as the new ones.

Fun fact: I’m not sure why I named this book Kingdom. Originally my idea for this novel was for Shanti to take over the Kingdom of Haven somehow, but that idea was nixed when the story went a different direction. The title stuck for some reason, and I couldn’t think of a better one, so it stayed.

New series news: I’m doing one final edit, fixing some things in the first book of my new series. It’s still untitled, which is kind of crazy. But, I’m making some changes that should make it stronger read. That, and I have to add a few things to create some drama and suspense. Hard to say when all that will be done with the baby. But so far, he’s turning out to be a great baby, i.e. he sleeps really well so I can squeeze an hour or two of work here and there without throwing off my pace too much.

Lost Angel audiobook: It’s done! The narrator did a superb job and really nailed the role of Makara as a child and a teenager. The final step is the final product being reviewed by me, at which point it will be submitted to Amazon for final approval. Word on the street is that they are taking forever to approve new audiobooks, so it probably won’t be coming out until much later this year, unfortunately. I’ll give more details as I learn more.

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