Old Writings

I went over some of my old writings today – things written sometimes years ago that are still saved on my computer/flash drive. Things I had completely forgotten I had written.

This included about five false starts on a fantasy series I’ve always wanted to write, a very poorly written (yet creepy) horror story, and the beginning of what I’d intended to be a space opera/dystopian series.

A lot of the times, I forget that I had been writing in the interim between when I published Night of the Necromancer (my zombie game book) and The Wasteland Chronicles. For almost two years, between January of 2011 and December of 2012, I hadn’t published anything – but I had been writing (albeit on and off). However, none of these projects were ever finished. It’s easy to start a book, but the hardest part is getting through the middle and to the end.

Yet still, in all of these (besides maybe the horror story), there was a spark – a creative energy flowing throughout just bursting with potential. I especially felt this concerning the space opera/dystopian story. The concept was that of a far-future Earth, where the entire world is covered in buildings. The poor live at the very bottom beneath the shadows of twisting buildings that rise miles high.

The story follows several different characters in alternating points of view. The first is that of an orphaned brother and sister living in the Underdeep, who hold a mysterious item of extreme value for which they are being hunted and for which their parents were killed. The second point of view is from the perspective of a space pirate who is on his way to a prison built beneath the surface of a Jovian moon. The third perspective is that of Auerelia, James’s fiance, who lives on the beautiful planet Nessus, forty light years away from Earth. And mixed in there is James’s old crew, who are stranded on Earth, without their ship, after it crashes into the Underdeep, where the two orphans discover it and its priceless payload.

The stories of all these characters would cross at some point in the first installment of the series. I could probably rework it, take out all the crap, and release the first part of what could be a serial – although I might shy away from the serial format since I think I like writing novels better (and readers like novels better). I like the idea of multiple perspectives, as long as it isn’t overdone. Just three or four characters to focus on (don’t want to get all Games of Throney). Still, it’s currently at 15,000 words, and has a sense of epic-ness about that’s very tempting to go back and work on. I could see each novel being about 100,000 words long.

Still, I probably won’t do anything with it until The Wasteland Chronicles is done, which in itself a full-time thing. Still, I could see myself developing this idea and this universe after I’m done with The Wasteland Chronicles.┬áThere’s a promise of building a fascinating world for my characters to run around in, which for me is half of the fun of writing fiction.

For now, though, I’m working on Book 5. Some crazy stuff is brewing there, and I want to see if I can take a good chunk out of it today.

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