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I should’ve updated here a few days ago, but I passed the 100,000 word mark last week. I’m seeing the ending sequence now and it’s amazing how much easier it is to write when you know at least something about how it’s going to end. I wouldn’t say it’s a magic pill by any means, but it at least gives your characters a path to walk in order to make it there. I’m glad that it’s going to be ending in a lot of action, because there’s parts of the book that go a little too slow for my taste, but we’ll see about fixing that when the editing starts.

My guess is the first draft should be finished in a couple of weeks or so. Maybe even one week. Then it’ll be onto editing. The first read through is always the hardest because it sees the most changes, but it gets better after that.

I think for now I’m pretty settled on naming the series Xenoworld. It seems fitting because at the end of The Wasteland Chronicles, it’s implied that humanity and the alien Elekai are to share the planet as the wait out the four hundred years for the Radaskim to return. The world really isn’t Earth anymore, at least not Earth as it was to begin with. A lot happens in those four hundred years, but anyone familiar with history knows it just repeats itself. One of the fun parts of writing the book was coming up with a detailed timeline of everything that happens leading up to the events of the novel. It was interesting to see how the human Elekai descendants shaped history, along with other people, such as Augustus and his sons and Onyx Black. A hundred years after the events of WC, though, things start to get pretty unrecognizable. After two hundred years, it gets even weirder (but hopefully in a way that makes sense). All that fun stuff I’m being very vague about will reveal itself in the book.

As far as an actual book title…I’m not really sure, yet. What’s weird is, all the book titles for WC seemed to come to me naturally, but besides the series title, nothing has really has come forth. The main idea holding the book together is sort of the connection between the future world and the past world (no, not time travel, though that would be cool), so the title might have something to do with that. I’m really excited for the future books as well, which will have some pretty bizarre ideas as well. I’m hoping for two more books, and I should definitely hit that. WC was supposed to be just three books, and around the time of Evolution I sort of realized there was no way it could be told in three. Maybe the same thing will happen here (unless, of course, it’s a big steaming pile of poo, in which case I’ll try my hand at something else). I’m all too aware that I could be writing a stinker, but hopefully that is not the case.

I say that because this book is different in a lot of ways, which is a bit of a risk on my part. But rather than try to mimic WC in style and tone, I wanted to try something different. The pacing will be a bit slower, because the world is a lot deeper and it takes a bit of time for that to shine through. It leans more fantasy than sci-fi…one of the more interesting aspects of the WC universe is that it starts very sci-fi, and ends in something more fantastical (those dragons just came out of nowhere, I swear). Similarly, the world of the next four centuries goes from one based on advanced technology (such as the Bunkers and tech from the Old World) to one of fantasy (one based on the biology and power of the xenovirus, and the ability of the Elekai to harness that power). Old tech will still come about in the book, but it will be rare and only used by the elites. The world for the most part is low tech, with some exceptions – humanity is never able to fully rebuild what they have lost, for various reasons – but at the same time, technology branches in a different direction that emphasizes alien biology more so than building more advanced machinery. And all the complications that entails. I guess it’s just a weird amalgamation of both fantasy and sci-fi, but I hope to explain everything well enough to where the fantasy seems like something that could really happen.

It’ll just be whatever it’s supposed to be. I think it has the potential to be better than WC, but it’s also going to be a bit more complicated, so we’ll see how that goes.

Oh, and the main character is a female. I’ve never written anything from a female perspective, but in my writing experience, the moment you say you can’t write a character because of who you are is when you’re severely limiting yourself. As long as we believe we’re capable of doing something, it’s amazing how much we can pull off. So, there’s that. I’m sort of operating under the assumption that writing a female character isn’t too much different from a male one, at least where motivations are concerned. How those motivations manifest themselves socially are another matter, especially in a culture that’s different from modern day America.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Time for sleep.

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  • It sounds amazing so far. Yeehaw – a female lead!! I really enjoy your writing style, so I hope it doesn’t change too much. You never disappoint me though.

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