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The first draft of the fourth Xenoworld book is just a couple of days away from completion. Right now, the draft is about 90,000 words and there are just a few thousand more before it’s all said and done. I’m glad I actually got this one done in less time than the last, so it will probably end up being 100,000-110,000 words, which makes it about a little longer than Prophecy.

In this book, there’s a lot less action, as in fight scenes and stuff (but there are still those), but all the bombs come more from revelations and background information, and the end will probably be one of the best endings to a book in this series, and really sets up everything perfectly for the fifth book.

Most likely, there will be at least two more books after this for a total of six. There could possibly be seven in all, which would be a nice counterbalance to Wasteland Chronicles. Looking back, writing such a long series was definitely not what I had in mind, but the world of Xenoworld was a lot bigger than I had previously thought. To the point where there are so many areas that haven’t been hit yet, and the areas I have hit I haven’t really been to explore in as much depth as I would have liked.

All that said, I’ve really enjoyed writing this series so it’ll be great to bring you a few more books in it, but it’s definitely more than halfway done. Aside from Wasteland Wednesday, I probably won’t be writing in this universe much after this series, since the end of WC left a lot of things open and wasn’t exactly a perfect ending, but with Xenoworld I hope to tie a nice knot and leave things fairly resolved.

I’m hoping to add a little romance in this novel, too. It’s been pretty lacking, admittedly, and always makes any story better even if romance isn’t the main focus. I meant to work it in with this book, but sort of skipped that part, but if it fits (which I think it well), then I’ll be adding that in with my first round of edits.

Book should be out sometime in August, and hopefully before that.

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