Prophecy is Live on Amazon!

Well, the real show is here. First book of The Xenoworld Saga is out!

Find it on Amazon.

Other retailers will be coming soon! They are still processing the files.


Comment Section

  • I swear I can feel your excitement; sooo happy for you. Everyone that read your Wasteland Chronicles are going to love this new series; and those who aren’t familiar with it, will be after reading Prophecy.

    Were there any major changes?

  • Hey I really like ur books but my favorite part of the first series was how even in all the chaos Alex and Anna found each other but also I liked Alex better I just started reading the prophecy and I think it’s good but it’s kinda confusing in the beginning I don’t wamt to hate ur awesome but it’s really confusing how u talk about the elekai being bad and how the radaskim leader is called elekai leader but anyways keep up the good work man ur awesome. -from THE BEST FAN :))))

  • I just finished reading all of the Wasteland Chronicles and Prophecy. I cannot wait for the Bastion. How much longer will it be before it is released?

    • I’m not sure! The draft is coming along nicely. Assuming the same rate, the first draft will be finished in about two weeks. If I had to guess when the actual release would be, about two months down the road. Hopefully sooner.

  • okay so what exactly is the book order? is omnibus the first one? then prophecy? or is prophecy the first one and omnibus is like a prequel? i’d like to start correctly instead of buying a book and finding out its wrong

    • The omnibus is just a collection of the first three WC books so you’re not missing anything. Start with Prophecy, it’s the first book of the Xenoworld Saga.

      • Are you kidding Kyle? He’s being modest Rocky although you don’t need to read the prior series you’ll love it. Yes you can read Prophecy, ss it is the first in the next series; but personally I highly recommend you start off with Omnibus then the following 4. then Prophecy. That way, even though Prophecy on it’s own is great, you’ll get a better picture of the past.

        My opinion only.

        • I think he has already read Wasteland Chronicles because he’s commented about the books in the past. I think he was just wondering if the Omnibus was something entirely new. The Omnibus adds about 40,000 words of new content, but other than that, same storyline :).

          • Oh makes sense now. Yea Rocky if you read Wasteland Chronicles then your all caught up

  • wait, after omnibus there are 4 other books? what are the titles? i though omnibus was going to be the first of the Xenoworld Saga, thats why im so confused. what are the books called? Im SO confused right now…

    • the omnibus is just a collection of the first three WC books. It is not new. Prophecy is the first book of the Xenoworld Saga, and there will be more books in the future. Don’t think I can explain it any more clearly than that.

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