Quotes from the Wasteland

I’ve gathered a few of the most highlighted Kindle quotes from Wasteland Chronicles (found in the books main pages on Amazon, a nifty little feature they have).

“A man does not do what he wants. He does what he must.” – Alex/Alex’s father

“Life sucks, there’s no way around that. But you never know when the good might come. Maybe it won’t, but you shouldn’t count it out. And besides, that’s what makes us human, right? Even if it seems impossible, even when there is no point, we fight to the death with smiles on our faces.” – Makara

“There is always something we can do to make another’s day brighter – a smile, a kind word or gesture – the small things give us the strength to do the big things.” – The Wanderer

“It takes courage to open up to a world that isn’t worth opening up to. That courage is part of our humanity, part of our noble defiance – and all we can do is pray that it’s worth it.” – Anna, though maybe Alextoo lazy to look it up 😛

“Be wary of evil men, Alex. They always tell a half-truth because they can’t stomach the full.” – The Wanderer

“A lot of life is realizing what you can and can’t control, and learning to be okay with that.” – Alex, I believe

“We all feel fear, Alex. It’s what we do with it that counts.” – The Wanderer (I think he might have read Harry Potter)

“Hide the secret of life in the stars, in matter, in numbers, and science will one day unveil it. But hide it in the heart, and you could search for infinite eternities and never find it.” – the Nameless One

“We are the sum of our experiences. No more, no less. But I’d like to believe there’s something more to all of us. That we have the strength to defy our experiences and rise above them, to push back against the world that has treated us so cruelly. To hold out arms and make it a better place to live. Sometimes, all that gets lost in the madness. It all gets overwhelmed. Yet, here we are. Still standing.” – Anna

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