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It’s been about two months since Xenofall has come out, and normally around this time I’d be deep into edits on my next book. Only I’m not at the moment. The past couple of months have been pretty frustrating writing-wise. I must have tried to start the new book three to four times, but never really felt the story. The manuscripts get abandoned just a few days after I started.

Honestly, I’m kind of at a loss for how to proceed. It’s hard for me to even outline and I feel like everything I’ve come up with so far is boring.

I just wanted to write this blog to let you guys know that my next book won’t be out in its usual time. I have no idea why I’m having this block, but hopefully it’ll go away soon. I know what I said I’d write was a continuation of Wasteland Chronicles, only I just can’t see how that’s going to work at the moment. Everything is still every unclear in my head, whereas with WC, I more or less knew all the plot points going forward and it was very well formed in my mind.

All I have in my head at the moment is some of the history, but almost nothing of the actual storyline. I think it’s just missing the one concept that makes it really interesting to me. For Wasteland Chronicles, it was the concept of the post-apocalyptic world caused by a meteor. I don’t know what the concept for this one is…is it just alien invasion part 2? That just seems too predictable and uninteresting. I feel like it needs more than that. My current idea doesn’t seem big enough.

Something will come to me soon, I hope. Maybe what I have so far is off, and that’s what’s keeping me from writing. Maybe I just need to approach this in a different way. Maybe I just need to write something even if it feels like its terrible, or work on something completely different.

My plan was to do a follow-up series, but maybe I need to work on something different. I started a new project today and wrote 5,000 words, which is quite a lot for me. I’m going to give if a few days and see what happens. I suppose you have to go where the words are. The fact I wrote so much on it seems to be a good sign, but then again, who knows what it will look like a few days from now.

Whatever ends up happening, thanks for your patience and I’m working to have something new out as soon as I can. Just seems the muse has gone away for the moment, but I’ll keep showing up at the keyboard until it comes back.

Comment Section

  • Hang in there. You know 7 books was a huge project! Just don’t stop writing – new or continued project – I will be here along with all your other fans. Have to admit I was wondering if the characters passed on their “abilities” to their child. What would it be like growing up with a dragon for a pet? Did people learn to get along and would they even believe it happened much less happen again?

    • You hit the nail on the head for most of those questions, except for maybe the dragon as a pet thing. And I will keep going, it just takes time to develop the world. I have a new idea for outlining it, so we’ll see if that takes. Thanks!

  • I know its been a while since Xenofall came out but i just finished. You sir, have made me cry. I am stil crying as I write this, when i finished I had to come tell you how well writen this series was. I can’t believe that was the ending, the entire book was like a movie in my head and the ending, i hate yet love the ending, it fit the series so perfectly but its such a tragic story for Anna, I’m so happy I found this series, its been the best series I have ever read. I can’t wait for your next book to come out, I’ll be waiting.

    • Originally I was a bit worried about it – generally I like things to be 100 percent happy but I couldn’t see a way to make that happen. In the end I just wrote the ending I felt fit was the truest to what would actually happen. I think the best endings sometimes have a bittersweet aspect to them, and I’d like to think Anna still lived a happy life afterward with her child and her friends.I’m glad to hear you liked the ending. I’m working on my next project now and hopefully it will also be good.

  • I have to say, this series was amazing. I also just finished Xenofall and I’m spreading your book around like wildfire. Although, my friends and myself agree on one thing. Your books are good, they’re just hard to read. It’s true that your books are good, it just kills the story once you hit that one grammar mistake, or plot hole, or a rushed event. Honestly, you can completely ignore this if you want, I’m just saying, don’t be so comma happy. I remember so many lines that had 2-3 commas in it where it only needed 1. The plot holes were hard to fallow also (a good example is Alex and Anna’s wedding, where you had characters sitting at one table, only for them to be at a different one 2 sentences later.) As well as the countless plot twists, like skyhome for example. Reading it, I thought it would play a big role, only for it to be forgotten about towards the beginning of Xenofall. You also had some crazy tome laps. Like in LA, when Makara left for bunker 1, and when Anna contacted her, she was only 30 minutes away from the bunker. There were also so many parts that were rushed through, which made it hard to follow. Honestly, you don’t have to worry about what I think, I’m just saying that there are a lot of things you could change to make,this already amazing book better

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