Starsea Cycle Preview (Final)

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is having a very Happy New Year! With less than a week left until the launch of The Mages of Starsea, what better time to give a sneak preview of the second book? I won’t say this is an official cover reveal, just something that loyal followers of this blog get to see first.

I will say absolutely nothing about what to expect for this novel, but if you are feeling adventurous and charitable and have absolute faith that it’s going to be awesome, it’s available for preorder. This book will be released on February 25.

Kindle Unlimited Readers: I’ve had a few questions from you guys on whether this series would be available in KU. I have no plans, now or in the future, to include this series in KU.

However, these books will be available on library apps, most notably Overdrive. And maybe Hoopla (Hoopla is glacially slow to publish). So if your local library uses Overdrive, you should request them to add my books. This would be really helpful to me as a writer, because I get paid for the library copies and it allows you and future readers to discover my books through libraries.

Honestly, the biggest barrier to including my books in KU is because Amazon makes complete exclusivity a requirement, and that includes local libraries. And ultimately, if my books can be in libraries, it will discourage people from doing illegal things that are harmful to me, like pirating my books.

Anyhow, just throwing that out that for you all you KU folks who have told me they won’t read me anymore because I’m not going to be in KU. There are options out there. It involves a bit of work on your end, but it means much more to a library if you request my books than it does from me, the author.

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