Starsea Cycle Will Be Available Everywhere E-Books Are Sold (Most Likely Next Month)

Greetings reading friends!

I’ve been kind of waffling back on forth on whether to make my next series available wide (everywhere e-books are sold) or going exclusive with Amazon in order to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited. I’ve made the decision that this entire series will be available everywhere major e-books are sold. So that’s Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Nook, and Kobo, along with some smaller niche sites that most of you probably haven’t even heard of.

The temptation to be part of KU is pretty big, especially given the opportunities I would have making money there. That said, I want to think of my readers first. Many of you guys have been following me since 2013 or maybe even late 2012. I’d say a good half of you choose a retailer that’s not Amazon, and it would be a bit of a disservice to you guys to not make my work available on your platform of choice.

In case you were unaware, Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service Amazon does. For $9.99 a month, you can read any book in the program for free and it has over a million exclusive titles available. That’s bascially how it works on the readers’ end.

On the authors’ end, to be a part of Kindle Unlimited, the author has to be exclusive to Amazon. No publishing your e-book anywhere else, even if your personal website. You’re not even allowed to give your book away for free (except through Kindle Unlimited’s built in promotional tools). While this hamstrings authors, many are compenstated by making as much as 75% or more of their income from the program. Authors are paid per page read. Roughly speaking, a 300 page book would net them $1.35 in royalties. Not as much as hard sale in most cases, but the sheer amount of power readers in KU can make up for it.

That said, even if there is opportunity for me in that market, I’ve come to the decision that is just isn’t right for me, my business, or my readers – again, many of whom prefer to use other outlets. I’ve had readers even message me expressing concern that I would only be publishing with Amazon. Honestly, I think it’s something that happens fairly often. Readers lose their favorite authors to Amazon, and don’t really feel like supporting that company for very valid reasons.

That’s a whole other soap box I won’t stand on right now, since I did that a lot with my last post. Suffice it to say, all my books will be available everywhere. The first book of my new series, Starsea Cycle, will go live on all retailers sometime in early December. If you are on my beta reading team, you can expect to have the book in your hands sometime this month.

The main thing I’m waiting on is cover art. Book 1’s art should be complete early this month (any day, really). It’s at that point that beta copies/ARC copies will be going out. Once the teams go through those books, it will be publish time!

So anyway, I’m very excited that things are getting much closer. The only person who’s read the book so far is my dad, and he said it was good, but I really won’t know for sure how good until others read it. That has me a little nervous. This is a new series after all and maybe my idea sucks and the story is boring and I have no way of knowing.

Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully this had been informative.

Edit: If you are a KU reader who happened to find me in the last six months I’ve been in KU, no hard feelings if you choose not to follow me. There are a ton of great authors on KU. That said, I do hope you’ll join me in my future writing endeavors.

Comment Section

  • Hi Kyle!

    This is exciting new! I’d to read this new series. I’ve been reading your books since I purchased my first iPad in 2012, and was buying your books from Apple.

    I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited three years ago, as a result of not working any more since 3015, because of my lower back pains. I finally had my surgery in end of February, hoping to recover soon and start looking for a job and working next year.

    I’m saying all this because sadly I won’t be able to read your new series as you won’t have it in KU. KU has been a life saver for me as I don’t have an income right now, living off my savings. Unless you put the books in KU on a later date, or if by chance you still have space to add me to your ARC team, I’m sorry to inform you that I won’t be able to read your books any more.

    Thank you for such fantastic stories!

    Stay healthy and safe. Stay blessed,


    • Hopefully things get better! It’s not a choice I made lightly, and I made in the realization that most of my KU readers wouldn’t be following me. That said, I have to keep in mind the needs of the majority of my readers, many of which prefer to use other platforms and would never buy anything from Amazon (readers are very loyal to where they buy their books!). That said, reach out to me at and you can get a spot on my team for as long as you’d like. There are a few requirements, but nothing too strenuous.

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