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Not sure where to go with The Wasteland Chronicles, but I plan on getting started on the fifth book tomorrow morning, rain or shine, inspiration or lack thereof. Not that the weather matters all that much when it comes to writing, and neither does inspiration. Some of my best stuff I’ve written when I felt completely the epitome of meh.

As much as I love science fiction/post-apocalyptic, fantasy is what started me down the path of writing. It’s the genre I read the most growing up, and all those books might be why I’ve blended so many fantastic elements into The Wasteland Chronicles.

After I’m done with The Wasteland Chronicles, my next big thing will probably be a fantasy series I’ve always, always wanted to write. Tonight, just to kill the time because I was so freaking bored, I started writing the beginning of this epic fantasy story. This wouldn’t be the same story that’s been percolating in my mind ever since I was a kid, but it would sort of be a prequel of that. I actually wrote a novella, Dark Prophecies, last January that would be a prequel of this one I’m currently writing. I never spiffed that one up for publication, and honestly, it would probably need to be rewritten because it’s simply not to my standards. Still, I hope a year from now, that I will be able to write this series that I’ve always, always wanted to do.

Anyway, this particular story. I actually started this one about two years ago, but that manuscript disappeared into the ether, somewhere. I think I accidentally saved over it. In any case, I’m going to attempt writing the same story again, and it will obviously be a lot better because my skills have gotten better.

I won’t let it distract me from getting the next book out on time, but as far as the fifth book, I’ll probably be feeling around in the dark until I find the right storyline. It may take a few thousand words (maybe more than a few thousand) before I figure out where the whole thing is going.

What’s weird about writing books: even though it gets easier to do, in general, it’s always different. I wrote Apocalypse in three spurts: first middle, then end, then beginning. Then, I made them all blend. Then I realized the story wasn’t finished, but decided to get started on another book, Origins. I wrote that one from beginning to end, but had to rewrite the beginning because of major suckage. Still, it was easier than writing Apocalypse – and a bit better, too.

Then came Evolution. The first twenty thousand words was about the same. But then, it derailed for about ten thousand words. I tried to make it work, but it just sucked. I cut all those words, and started going in a new direction, and bingo. I finished the rest in about two weeks.

Revelation was the most straight shot of all of them. I wrote it from beginning to end. I almost had a breakdown in the middle, where they all decide to go attack the Reds, but I took it in a very crazy direction because I was starting to get bored with it. I’m glad I did, because that led to one of the biggest twists in the series thus far.

That’s basically my writing style. I’ll just go, and have a vague idea of where things are going. When I start getting bored, BAM. I switch it up, and make it do something crazy and try to make sense of it later. That’s my favorite part of the writing process.

Now, this book – number five – I have no idea. I see where it’s supposed to go, but the direction seems predictable. Boring.

I guess I know what I have to do, huh? Time to surprise myself.

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  • I don’t know if you will get this but I used to be a fan of Adam blade but I found yours the wasteland and this is the best thx to you I can zoom out of my life into another more exicting thx to you this book is just the best p.s is this book inspired from a game called fallout 3 very similar

    • I haven’t heard of Adam Blade but I have definitely heard of Fallout. I wasn’t thinking of Fallout when I started writing Apocalypse, but I noticed the similarities about halfway through. There’s a lot video game inspirations in the Wasteland Chronicles- like Fallout, Starcraft, and even a dash of Final Fantasy. I’m glad you liked the books!

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