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While I’m waiting for the last round of proofing to come back (I should have the Omnibus back in a couple of days, and Prophecy a week or so after that), I’ve gotten started on the second book. My hope is to have it out fairly quickly (at least, relative to the length of time between Xenofall and Prophecy.

I’m a little over 15,000 words into the new book, most likely to be entitled Bastion. I have material planned out so far for this book, and I have a rough idea of what the third book will encompass.

Of course, I’m ready for both the Omnibus and Prophecy to be out, and they will be as soon as I possibly can. It’s all contingent on getting it back from my final proofer (which as I said, should be a couple of days). After that, it’s a simple matter of formatting and making it available for purchase. Prophecy will take a little longer, since my proofer hasn’t started on it yet.

This, again, is just a reassurance that the wheels are turning and it won’t be long before both books come out. And if all goes well, the follow-up book to Prophecy will be coming out not too long after. No one’s more anxious to get these books out than I am, and going so long between releases is something I’m not used to. I definitely like how things used to be, and now that the series is starting to gel in my head, it most likely won’t be as long a wait between releases. Ideally, it will be at my former pace.

Thanks again for patience! I’m lucky to have such supportive readers. From what my beta readers have told me, you guys should very much enjoy this new series.

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  • I am enjoying your imagination, writing style, because of the simple path you give…your characters to follow, and how the human animal acts toward each other in times of disputation?
    I know how good people have to act around others who are not good, just to get away from them, in one piece. Thank you, Issac would be enjoying your works too. deeman

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