The Art of Editing

One of the hard truths about being a writer is that “writing” is about 20% of the job. That might be an exaggeration, but there’s definitely truth to it. The writing part is fast. Assuming you have an outline, and you’ve written a book a few times, it’s a matter of cranking it out. I[…]


It’s been hard to get inspired to write anything. Mixture of tiredness and trying to finish this book. I’m trying not to get burned out on the whole thing. Looking at how much work needs to be done it will be a miracle if book 2 gets published by the 31st. Between how tired I[…]

A blog post I could not think of a title for

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. I got laid off from my boring and not ideal job where I have been working for almost two years. I thought I still had a couple more months on it at least, but in a way it’s a good thing. Working there did not give me much of[…]