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Alright, before I head off to work, I have an announcement to make.

Night of the Necromancer, mine and Jelani Sims epic zombie survival choose-your-own-adventure novel, will be going free from Saturday 1/26 through Sunday 1/27.

After over 2,000 copies of Apocalypse given away without any sort of advertising, I’m curious how well Necromancer will do, given that I submitted to many blogs weeks in advance letting them know about our free days.

So, if there anyone out there who has not downloaded my book (because, you know, $3.99 is just way too much), then here’s your chance. It’s free, it’s version 2.0, and many typos and formatting issues were fixed to make it more professional. If you like zombies or choose-your-own-adventures, then you should love this book!


Here’s to hoping to thousands of downloads!

1. Today I wrote about 6-7,000 thousand words to complete my novella. Total of about 39,000 words.

I have no idea whether or not it’s good. I guess I’ll find out when I read it over again and see what needs to be fixed.

I have never written a book as fast as I’ve written this one. In a few days, I’m going to go back and start the editing.

2. I’ve heard back from 10 blogs that want to review Night of the Necromancer. I have 10 reviews (some slotted for February/March, 2-3 interviews, and a couple of giveaways is pretty good. It’s only been a couple days, so I may hear back from more. It is amazing to think that 10 blogs will be reviewing my book, some of them overseas. It’s pretty mind blowing, and awesome. These book bloggers are amazing people.

3. Even though it feels like I did a lot today, it still felt slow for some reason. I still need to go through Apocalypse and make sure the changes my professor suggested get implemented throughout. After that, promotion time…and the working on a physical copy with my illustrator, Luke Atkinson.

4. I also need to redo the print version of Night of the Necromancer to keep it updated with the online version. That’s a project for another day, but Apocalypse 2.0 needs to get done. That is the priority number one.

As I sit down to do writing stuff, or even book promotion, I really wish it were my full time job. I’ll get there, someday.

5. Speaking of, I got a call from Hobby Lobby. Pending I pass a drug test , I should be starting in the warehouse moving boxes and suchlike things. I’m glad to have a job again. In total, I’ve only been without for a week. I feel incredibly lucky that this worked out. I’m a bad interviewee because I’ll get nervous and talk fast, but I just have to sit through and deal with it. I’m just glad it went alright. Also, my good friend Jon gave me an amazing reference. It just might have clinched the deal.

5. I appeared on a podcast. I listened to The Storyboarders while at work, but since I probably won’t be able to listen to my iPod anymore at work, I’ll have find another time for it. I appear on Episode 13. I talk a little bit about working on Night of the Necromancer with Jelani, as well as a bit about self-promotion, the journey I’ve been learning for the past few weeks or so.

6. Things are good. I’m occupied every moment in something I really enjoy. Starting next week, I’ll most likely be starting my new job.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m sleepy so sorry if there are weird wording things. It’s been a lot of writing today.

Quick blog post, some updates:

1. No more job. Feels kind of weird but whatevs.

2. Potential job? I might be working at Hobby Lobby in their distribution center. Very different from what I did before, but my couple of interviews went well.

3. Almost done with my novella, working series title of Dark Prophecies. I like the title, only there haven’t been any prophecies yet…that might change. Wherein I attempt my first love story, sorta…when all the action doesn’t get in the way.

4. Going to meet up with my Night of the Necromancer co-author, the illustrious Jelani Sims, tomorrow for our blogging blitz. I’m pretty excited about it. Hopefully we can get some reviews.

5. Hoping to do some free giveaways soon for both of my books. Stay tuned.

6. I will be conspiring with Luke Atkinson to design a physical copy of Apocalypse. I’m pretty excited about it. More on that in coming weeks.

7. Operation “Build a Platform” continues. I’m now on Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, and maybe a couple other places. Eventually I’ll start a Facebook fan page, but at this point it doesn’t seem to be too big of a thing. Also thinking of doing a LinkedIn and using Twitter more often. I’m still learning the promotion side of it. It’s pretty exciting, but at the same time, a lot of work.

8. By tomorrow, both of my books will be in their final forms (please God I hope). After that, and after all my platforms are up, nothing will stop me from promoting them.

That’s it for now.

Spent the whole day doing promotion stuff. I’m getting better at it! It’s actually kind of excited. I solicited a total of NINETEEN blogs today about my first book, Night of the Necromancer. That was really cool and I’m expecting great things.

The vexation comes with the new upload of the book…it’s doing screwy things I didn’t expect to as far as formatting. I’m just going to bite the bullet and try to take care of it, but my beloved chapter headings I worked so hard on are part of the problem and have to go. Avast, indeed.

That, and I have to take care of the edits of Apocalypse, finish my new novella that has now crept up to 25,000 words (working title of Dark Prophecies…what do you guys think as far as a fantasy having to do with dark magic with a princess female lead?), as well as go in for my last week of work tomorrow AND applying for new jobs. I’m applying in person tomorrow for one at eight a.m…

Seems like there’s always work to be done if you want to get ahead. Sadly I’m falling back on my running and I’m paying the price. I’ve run once in the past two weeks (and that was only a mile and a half), and I’ve gained FIVE pounds. Oi! I’m going to have to get back on track if I hope to complete this half marathon.

I have to get back to work now, so farewell, readers. Wish I didn’t have to go in tomorrow because I could do so much with the day, but I need the money. All in all, a VERY productive day/weekend. Hardly relaxed the whole time, but it is a good kind of work that I feel like will advance things. Time well spent.

Thanks for reading! Also, new season of Downton. Huzzah!

So, this is my writer’s blog. Welcome. I think? Yes. Welcome! With an exclamation point!

Every writer needs a blog, so behold, this is mine. I use commas a lot. At least for now. Just my style, I guess.

Anyway. I need a platform to let everyone know what is going on in, well, my writing and my life. Therefore, Kyle West’s Blog. Queue victory music! Or is that cue?

A little about me, then. I am a writer living in Oklahoma City. I also have a desk job, but I will never mention it again because I want this to be a happy place. I’ve co-written a book called Night of the Necromancer: Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? It’s available on Kindle and Create Space. If you have not heard of this book, then there is a good chance that you will enjoy it. A very good chance you will enjoy it. *Nods Affirmatively*

I mean, I’m not just saying that. At least ten other people gave it good reviews on the Amazon. How could anyone argue with ten people about anything?

Therefore, click here!

Buzz marketing aside, I hope this blog is something I can stick with. I really, really enjoy writing. Nothing else in life that is considered “work” gives me quite the satisfaction. I enjoy penning words and having people not just read them, but benefit from them. And I really, really like positive reviews.

Writing’s my life’s purpose, it’s what I’m here for. I’m never going to give up on it.

I’m still in the learning phase, to be sure. And I always will be, I suppose. But I’m getting a little better, every day. I’m putting the puzzle together, one piece at a time. It sometimes feels like a puzzle the size of the universe.

Even when I was a kid, I would make “books” (ten page contraptions complete with pictures). I almost always wrote fantasy. Even now, my greatest ambition is a fantasy epic that’s been cooking for over a decade now. Though I like science fiction and horror almost as much. Almost.

Well, I am le tired. Therefore, this concludes post number one. Thanks for reading.

Adios, muchachos/as.

Important! I also blog about music at Magic Albums. Visit here, if you like that sort of thing.