Thank you for the successful launch!

Hey guys! Two days after launch, the dust hasn’t really settled yet, but I just thought I’d write an update to let you guys know that my expectations for Mages of Stasrsea were exceeded, thanks to all of you.

I’m a pretty small-time author, so my goals were quite modest. Even so, it’s always good news when something performs better than expected.

I never expect a new series to do well out of the gate for multiple reasons. One of the main ones is a lot of readers simply won’t pick up book one of a series until the entire series is complete, or at least until a few books in it are out. Nothing is worse than getting invested in a series for it to just be abandoned. Readers who have been burned in the past will not buy a book one on principle, which I completely understand.

It just takes time for a series to pick up momentum. Wasteland Chronicles was virtually undiscovered until Revelation came out, and by that point the series was half a year old.

With that in mind, that’s why I’ve been working so hard to get the first few books rolling off the presses. Book 2, The Orb of Binding, is pretty much finalized, just awaiting the beta reader phase after I make some minor changes.

And Book 3 just passed the 100,000 word mark yesterday, with perhaps 20,000 left to go until “The End.” Once you guys get into Book 2, you will see the reason for all the build up and setting the stage in book 1. My dad (who is my “alpha reader”, AKA he gets it after my first revision) says that book 2 is the best thing I’ve yet written that he read in a single day.

If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what does.

Anyway, signing off here. Thanks again for the awesome launch, and Feb. 25 can’t get here fast enough!

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