The Battle Plan

Man. This year has been absolutely crazy. On a global scale, on a personal scale, and a professional scale.

Global for reasons I don’t need to mention. Personal, because of the birth of my son (four days away from being four weeks old).

And finally, professional. Because this year has been really tough in the development of my new series. I haven’t had a release since January, which was definitely not the plan. But in a way, it was for the best, as it has given me ample time to write a ton and set up an amazing 2021.

There are a lot of awesome things in the pipeline. I have more ideas than I know what to do with. But in the immediate future, this is what’s going down:

  1. Final pass (by me) is done. Book 1 is more or less done. Just needs editing and a cover. It goes for professional proofing next week.
  2. My cover proposal has been submitted to my cover artist. This has been the main bottleneck. I sent my request all the way back in July and their first opening was November this year. Lesson learned! Book way in advance! This little mishap forced me to finish book two and a good chunk of book three early, which isn’t a bad thing. I have six covers for this series ordered. Yes, six. So I need to write fast to keep up with them!
  3. The cover should be done in early November. I can’t wait to see it! And reveal it as well. I have no idea what it’s going to look like yet, but it’s by Deranged Doctor so you know it’s going to be awesome.
  4. It’s about this time that ARC’s will go out. Going forward, I plan on developing two teams. The Beta Reading Team and the ARC Team. The Betas will be responsible for proofing and catching last minute errors on what should be a clean copy of the book. ARC Team will be responsible for reading the book in advance and posting reviews on Amazon on release day. Of course, both duties can intermix for those who are already on my Beta Reading Team (who will get dibs to be on my ARC Team).
  5. ARC’s will go out in mid to late November. Along with beta copies for beta readers who happen to not be on the ARC team.
  6. Cover reveal sometime in mid-November.
  7. Book release in early December.
  8. In the meantime, in between getting all this stuff ready, I’ll be writing every chance I get in between a newborn’s naps and diaper changes. Put the finishing touches on Book 2, and start really writing fast for Book 3.
  9. Book 2 will release in mid to late January, and Book 3 in early March. At which point, I hope to be a good ways into Book 4 or nearly done with Book 4. By that time, I should have six book covers done.
  10. Gauge the reception of this series early next year, and try to judge whether to make it super long and epic (12 books) or cut it “short” at six books.
  11. Super pie in the sky, but I’d love to write a backstory novella for Anna. And I’d like to clone another version of myself to write another Wasteland series, a trilogy called “The After Years”, set in the immediate years after the conclusion of Xenofall. Do not hold your breath for that! I probably will not have the time or the energy, but it’s a future goal.

Speaking of, I now have a name I’m mostly happy with for Book 1 and my series. Are you ready?

Series name: The Star Sea Cycle.

First book name: The Way of Mages.

And as a bonus and a teaser, the titles of the second and third books:

Second book name: The Orb of Binding

Third book name: The Rifts of Psyche

I’ll let your imaginations run wild about what those might be about.

I’ve been pretty close-lipped about what to expect, mainly because the first book of a series is always the hardest to write. I have set a record for number of edits I’ve done. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was six, I’ve lost count. I feel insane for taking the time to do that, but I want to make sure book one is great, especially considering it is highly character driven. But I’m mostly happy with the story, and things are less likely to change now. Mainly just whatever corrections are found between now and publication.

So, expect more information about things to come. I’m super excited, mainly because this year has been pure drudgery as far as work and not much reward.

But all of that changes next month! All of my carefully laid plans will come to fruition, hopefully with great results.

Of course, this series could bomb spectacularly but I won’t think of that. I believe in the story line, even if the first book is a bit of a departure from my usual style.

More on all that in the coming weeks.

Comment Section

  • Can’t wait to see what your mind has whipped up; it sounds very interesting.

    My curiosity is peaked, why do you the book is a departure from your regular style? How is it different?

    • First there is a change in genre. Second, the book is less about action and more about the character’s inner journey. There will be plenty of action in later installments, though.

  • I already love it! I like the sound of the character’s inner journey, I’ve always liked a profound story, the social, moral and ethical debates, the why’s off the protagonists actions and paths taken..and of course, action packed too! Already want to read it! I love the titles, very intriguing. Wish you all the best, Kyle. Stay safe.

    • If that’s what you like then you should love it! Trying to go for a balance between action and the character’s inner journey. If there’s one difference I can pin down, it’s that the main character will be a bit more flawed than in my previous books. The reader might be screaming at him from time to time, but I hope his actions will be understandable. Glad you like the titles.

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