The End

I’ve learned that a book isn’t done when you write “the end.” A good part of the work, about fifty percent, is editing. And I’m glad to say I’ve got the vast majority of editing done for Origins.

It took four drafts, and though my fifth book, Origins marks a first for me: it’s the first time I’ve written a book, start to finish, without taking any intermissions. I just sat down, from the end of January to now, working on it (almost) every day until it was done.

It took a lot of work, and hopefully it was worth it. I think it’s pretty good, although it has its problems. The last chunk of my editing will be incorporating the suggestions of my beta readers, who all have the manuscript in hand. And then, sending it to the copy editor, and then, publication.

There will be two more books in the series, but even the thought of starting book 3 is a little daunting. I’m not sure what I will do in the meantime, but it will probably not be The Wasteland Chronicles for awhile. I hope to have book 3 out by July, at the latest August. I want the whole thing to be one before the year is out. I should probably throw myself back into promo, now that the majority of this is done.

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