The Mages of Starsea is live!

You can find it on your favorite e-book store using the following link:

Magic, madness, and mystery in a boundless sea of stars…

Growing up in a Miami that has sunk beneath the waves, Lucian dreams of escaping Earth. Unfortunately, his wish comes true when the government identities him as a mage.

Before he knows it, he’s shipped to the water world of Volsung, where he must convince the mages of the exclusive Volsung Academy to train him. It’s his one shot to learn how to use magic before his budding powers kill him.

On board the star liner, Lucian crosses paths with a mysterious mentor. From her, he learns he might be “Chosen”, with a greater part to play in the universal at large. But that will be for nothing if he cannot survive the interstellar passage before his magic kills him.

The Starsea Cycle is a space saga brimming with potential: a relatable hero, dangerous magic, and an ancient mystery with apocalyptic consequences.”

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