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the orb of binding audiobook


So stoked for this! The esteemed narrator Rob Brinkmann returns with book two of The Starsea Cycle, The Orb of Binding, lending his golden voice to set the stage for an epic adventure.

Clocking in at 11.5 hours, book two picks up a few months into Lucian’s training at the Volsung Academy. Lucian’s progress is slow at first, but after many obstacles, he begins showing his potential as a mage.

However, nothing can ever be that simple. Lucian’s talents incite jealousy in his peers. His abilities have even caught the attention of the Transcends, the master mages of the Academy.

Everything comes to a head after the completion of the Talent Trials. Lucian must pass them in order to leave Novicehood behind. But what happens after is far more than he bargained for…

what to expect

The Orb of Binding is where we really start to see the series pick up. Book one, The Mages of Starsea, is more of a prelude, focusing on the world, concepts, and some of the central characters. However, The Orb of Binding continues the story in earnest and is more of a traditional fantasy story. By the end of the book, the reader will have some idea of where the series is heading.

Or at least, they think they will! Plenty of surprises lie in wait in the third and fourth books especially, The Rifts of Psyche and The Chosen of the Manifold.

I wrote The Starsea Cycle to be the perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy, my two favorite genres. As TV Tropes states, Science Fantasy can be best described as:

Robots and wizards, spaceships and dragons, lasers and fireballs. Mix these ingredients in your cyber-witch’s boiling pot of dark matter, and you’ve got yourself Science Fantasy.

The Orb of Binding takes the Science Fantasy concept and starts veering more toward fantasy, but fear not! It will make a return back into the sci-fi realm in later books. We’ve got to keep walking the Path of Balance!

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