The Rifts of Psyche – Almost Done!

Hey everyone. My fingers have warped time and space themselves since they’ve been typing so fast to edit The Rifts of Psyche, Book 3 of Starsea. That, and I have to meet an editing deadline by March 8, which means I’m blazing through my final pass in the next three days.

The word count has barely shifted during the final pass, so it’s sitting at 134,000 or so words. For reference, this will be the second longest book I’ve ever written, just barely beating out Beacon, which is Book 3 of Xenoworld, but falling well short of Aberration, which is Book 7 of that same series.

Combined with taking care of the little one, it’s been a wee bit stressful trying to get the final files in time for an April 8 release. It makes me a little nervous since the book hasn’t been alpha read by my dad, who’s the only one who gets that privilege. The main reason for that is I’m still making some content changes and want it to be in it’s final form, typos and such not concluded.

Still, I have a gut feeling this book might be the best thing I’ve ever written. The Mages of Starsea gives a little peek into the world-building and what’s coming. The Orb of Binding reveals a bit more, showing the magic system, developing characters, and sending Lucian off on his unwanted adventure for good. The Rifts of Psyche, the door really gets blown off its hinges and the plot kicks into high gear. It’s pretty much action all the way through, and you’ll learn so many things about what’s going on, but in the end, there is still so much to explore. This series is going to be a lot of books, after all.

I can’t wait for this book to be out of my hands and in the final stages of production, mostly so I can get started on Book 4, which will also be pretty crazy, but hopefully not as long as Book 3 for my own sanity.

I forgot to mention. Apocalypse was featured on BookBub last month! In case you don’t know, it’s a pretty big deal for a writer. It’s led a bunch of new people discovering The Wasteland Chronicles and Xenoworld Saga. It absolutely amazes me that people are still interested in the series, especially when the first book was published way back in 2012.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a bit of an update as to where I’m at. I don’t like to stay silent for too long. Beta/ARC Readers, you should have the Book 3 in your hands by the middle of the month, barring catastrophe.

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  • More power to you, think your doing great on the tight schedules you’ve put yourself on.

    Even though I have a copy of Apocalypse, I was still excited to see it in BookBub and I spread the word. It’s my favorite dystopian book and an awesome first in a series.

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