The Star Sea Cycle

Coming December 2020

Magic has awoken. Now, the Worlds will burn . . .

Student Lucian Abrantes’ life crumbles the day he discovers he is a mage.

Doomed to die unless he receives training, he abandons Earth and takes to the stars. Only the Volsung Academy can train him, saving him from his perilous powers. Long ago, mages were born with incredible powers. But those powers doomed them to a rotting disease known asthe fraying.

The maddened mages tore the League of Worlds asunder. Planets fell, fleets were obliterated, billions died. The League defeated the mages, but at great cost.

During the long voyage to Volsung, Lucian must hide his identity at all costs. But when the starship’s passengers discover his secret, his life comes under threat.

The way of mages is a most difficult path. A path he must accept, and defend, to discover the destiny ordained to him by magic…

Book 1: The Way of Mages

Book 2: The Orb of Binding

Book 3: The Rifts of Psyche