The Starsea Cycle Preview 1: What to Expect

Welcome to my first preview of what to expect in The Starsea Cycle! Without revealing crucial spoilers, of course.

I’ve revealed precious little about it so far other than the title, the series title, and the cover art for the first book. Some of you may not even know whether this is the kind of book you would even like, as it will be somewhat of a departure from Wasteland Chronicles and Xenoworld.

So in this post, I wanted to focus on the series itself: what it’s about, the genre, and how many books I’m planning. And, the most important part, when they’ll be out!

So strap on your seatbelt (or spaceship safety harness) and we’ll get started!

Is there anything more exciting than a good old-fashioned Space Opera? Well, I’d warrant there is not. From Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, or to currently popular series such as The Expanse, there’s something about the vastness of space and the unknown that has appealed to many people.

I’ve always wanted to build my own Space Opera universe from scratch, even if there are millions of others already out there. Like so many works of science fiction and fantasy, I wanted my main character to start from humble origins while struggling to overcome his own flaws as more and more responsibility gets foisted upon him as the series progresses.

I doubt Starsea will ever be even 1% as popular as those heavy hitters, but my goal is to do the best I can in crafting an epic universe to get lost in, amazing characters you’ll want to hang out with, along with an unforgettable quest that takes place over a very long saga of books.

Why don’t we begin with the title? Unfortunately, revealing what it truly means is a bit of a spoiler, but suffice it to say, it does make sense in the context of the entire series. I can say this much: it’s a play on the very common trope in science fiction that space is an ocean. There are spaceships, space fleets, captains and admirals, long journeys between ports (planets), among numerous other parallels.

And the title of book one, The Mages of Starsea? Well, this series has mages. And space. And both are quite central to the plot. Very straightforward!

As you can see, this is most definitely not a pure science fiction series, nor is straight up epic fantasy. Most fantasy doesn’t have spaceships, space stations, or a real world setting (albeit in the distant future).

However, my series will combine elements of the two in what I hope to be a seamless blend. As such, the genre can be considered Science Fantasy, something right smack dab in the middle of the Science Fiction and Fantasy continuum.

So, why are there mages? I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say here that in the series, magic-users start being born for reasons unknown around the year 2250. By the time the book picks up in 2364, they’ve been around for more than a century.

Magic is just called magic in Starsea Cycle, though scientist types uncomfortable with that term call it “meta-energy.” The term “meta” has come to mean something much different in modern society (i.e. “That’s so meta.”) But the actual meaning of the word can be traced back to the ancient Greek, where it means “after” or “beyond.” Which is fitting in the context of magic in The Starsea Cycle, since magic is energy taken from “beyond,” from another reality called “The Manifold.” This is similar to the Force in Star Wars, though magic in Starsea Cycle is a bit more useful than the Force. But also more dangerous . . .

This series follows the main character, Lucian Abrantes, whose life is upended the day he discovers he is a mage. He must set his entire life aside to seek training for his powers at a magic academy on the planet Volsung. If he doesn’t receive training, he will fall victim to the fraying, a disease effecting mages that destines them to insanity and death.

So I guess you could say there’s a little of Star Wars, a little of Wheel of Time, a little of Marvel’s Avengers. And hopefully combining the ingredients of all three makes for something that can at least pay homage to all three and stand on its own.

So, how many books? Well, my hope is twelve! I even have titles for all of them, but I’m only willing to share the first three here: The Mages of Starsea, The Orb of Binding, and The Rifts of Psyche.

And when can we expect them to come out? Well, The Mages of Starsea will come out in mid-January, while books two and three will come out in February and March respectively. And I plan to release each novel after that in two month intervals.

It’s a lot of work, but I’m already a good ways into writing book three while book two is nearly ready for its first round of proofing. That means I’m very ahead of schedule!

Thanks for reading this overly long post. In my next post a few days from now, I will share a bit of Starsea’s magic system, something that every decent fantasy series needs.

Comment Section

  • Ever think of marketing your work on Reddit in r/fantasy or r/scifi? I have been following you and reading your books since June of 2015 and would love to see you get more exposure! Michael Sullivan runs a contest every year for Self Published Authors called SPFBO which you should check out. Wishing you the best!

    • No, I haven’t. I guess it was my impression that Reddit users don’t really like it when people self-promo, but I could be wrong! How is that done?

      • There are some rules and tbh I haven’t looked too much into them (not a writer myself), but you have to post more than 50% (or something) unrelated to self promo, so plugging another author, commenting on a book you read, etc. and the mods are fine with some self-promo from there. A lot of the more well known Self Pub fantasy authors do it.. Brian stavely, Michael Sullivan, Brian McCllelan, etc. I am sure you can DM them for some pointers too – all around good people they seem.

  • Like the info you’ve given your fans, must be hard not to give spoilers(think a few slipped in). 12 BOOKS, WOW and 1 month apart for the first 3, that’s amazing. I so appreciate when authors are able to turn over books in a series quickly; at my age I don’t want to have to read the previous books because it’s been several months and don’t remember important info (ahhh, old age is a bitch,) Loving the world building, the characters, and of course your wonderfully descriptive storytelling. I will send info soon.

    • I’m definitely on track for book one and two and would be very surprised if three isn’t out by the end of March. Enough to give readers a lot of content up front, but the slightly slower releases after will help me preserve my sanity.

  • Thank you for the intel, Kyle. I’m already loving it! I love SciFi/Fantasy. I think it’s a fabulous combination of genres, makes a plot very interesting and intriguing. And the interval of book releases is ideal, not too long and not too together, that makes it for you to have time to come out with a perfect premise.

    Questions: will you form an ARC team? Most important of all is, will the series be in KU? It would be wonderful if it’s possible, please. Thank you for the series reveal !
    Have an inspirational week ahead. Stay blessed.


    • Hi Meenaz! I’m glad you’re excited for this series. I’ve stopped recruiting for my ARC team for this one, but I’ll very likely put up the form for book two soon. If that happens, I’ll be posting to this blog about it.

      Unfortunately, the series will not be in KU. That requires Amazon exclusivity on my end, and every time I’ve tried that, it hasn’t worked out financially. I also have a lot of readers who prefer to use other platforms. Of course the book will still be available on Amazon for the price of a nice cup of coffee. 🙂

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