The Wasteland Chronicles

The Wasteland Chronicles is my seven-part post-apocalyptic series set in 2060, thirty years following the impact of a meteor in 2030. The entire series is about 450,000 words.

Apocalypse (Dec. 2012) (71,000 words)
Origins (Apr. 2013) (55,000 words)
Evolution (Aug. 2013) (62,000 words)
Revelation (Oct. 2013) (73,000 words)
Darkness (Jan. 2014) (73,000 words)
Extinction (Apr. 2014) (73,000 words)
Xenofall (June 2014) (76,000 words)

So far, the series has sold over 100,000 copies. Stay up-to-date on when the next book is released by signing up for The Wasteland Chronicles Mailing List.

You can also follow me and the series on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and of course, this blog.

  1. Jesse says:

    Randomly stumbled into book 1 and was instantly hooked. Wound up purchasing and reading the next 3 over two days. I was devastated when I noticed the next wouldn’t be available until December. I am looking forward to the release – keep up the brilliant writing! The sci-fi and fantasy blend is well done and things are happening that I did not expect. You have a new fan!

  2. Hector says:

    I stumbled on this series while scrolling through the scifi section you sir can take a story and make readers visualize it in their minds like a true master

  3. rhys says:

    Kyle why do you always end the books on the best cliffhangars

  4. Aisha says:

    Just found your books! Can’t wait to dive right in!

  5. Angel says:

    Hi, I came across book one of the Wasteland Chronicles free on Kindle and I thought, ok wow free cant be to bad, But the minute I started reading I was hooked lol, I just finished Darkness and I am dying for more…I read all five books in a matter of a week. You are an awesome writer. Many times while I was reading I couldn’t stop. I would hook the kindle to AUX in my car just so I could keep going while I drove places lol. I am seriously going through withdraw now please tell me book six will be out soon 🙂

    • Kyle says:

      Angel, I’m happy you’re enjoying the series. It’s always great to get a message like this. I’m working hard on Book 6 and it should be out, I hope, by the end of the month if the stars align. Barring that, it should be early April. Thanks again.

  6. Antonio rivas says:

    These books deserve a lot more attention. They are ny far the best post-apocalyptic series ever. I think that you did great.

    • Kyle says:

      That is high praise! Thank you. I’m glad you like the series.

    • Ben Johnson says:

      I agree completely, read my comment far below I think it is time we make sure that everyone gets the privilege of reading these great books. And the time that Kyle West gets the credit for writing a perfect series.

  7. Ben Brabbin says:

    Awesome series. I’m surprised to find out you self published. I’ve come across this just looking for when book 6 comes out. Can’t wait. I am officially a fan.

    • Kyle says:

      Glad to hear it. There are actually a lot of GREAT self pubbed books, especially these days. Check out Hugh Howey, Edward W. Robertson, and Michael Bunker, just to name a few post-apocalyptic authors.

  8. Dr. Colin C. Bullmore says:

    Immediately hooked on first book “Apocalypse”. Just finished “Darkness” and eagerly await next episode. Masterful writing, thanks for great reading entertainment.

  9. Ron Pry says:

    Please let us know when book 7 comes out. Read your other 6 in about 2 weeks

    • Kyle says:

      Hey Ron, sign up for the mailing list:

      I email as soon as a new book comes out.

      Thanks, glad to know you’re liking the books.

  10. Chris says:

    I really love the series! And would be devasted if you end it here, keep it up I really enjoy them!!

  11. Cam Vis says:

    Kyle do you know when xenofall will be released on Amazon?

  12. 25,000 copies? I imagine that’s even higher now – congratulations! Just shows how indies can put out great work, with professional covers and do well. And also how popular the series is at the moment! How much editing do you do with your books? What’s your process?

    • Kyle says:

      It’s best to assume that there will be thousands of eyes on your work – and out of those thousands of eyes, some of them will find mistakes, and some of them will leave scathing reviews saying you don’t know how to use spell check. So it goes.

      That’s why it’s best to be overly cautious in this area, because it was a mistake I made early in my career. I had too little editing because I wanted to save a buck.

      My process today is a lot more rigorous. Once I’m done with my MS, I send it to my copy-editor, and then it goes through three proofers. The proofers are readers of mine who have an eye for detail and find a host of things, even after the copy-editor is done.

      I don’t use developmental editing, though I believe the series might have benefited had I used the right one from the beginning. My only thing is, the right editor is hard to find, and $1,000 for an editor that does little to benefit your story is a big bullet to bite.

      My two cents: it’s better to over invest than underinvest. Do your research and find good copy-editors and proofers when you’re starting out. Consider a developmental editor if you need one. Russell Blake, an indie author I admire, spends no less than $1,500 per manuscript. That might be out of range of the average starting writer, but it’s something to keep in mind. $500 per manuscript (including cover art and such) wouldn’t be entirely unreasonable.

      • I spend around $1000 on editing, $300-400 on a cover and there might be other incidentals – those are the main two however. I like an editor who does a developmental, line and copy edit all in one and I use David Gatewood, Hugh Howey’s editor for that. I like Russell too – learned a lot from him, SM Reine and Holly (HM) Ward when I was just starting out. Now, a little way down the line of getting my debut out, I feel like I have a solid foundation to build on. You never stop learning, but you can give yourself a head start!

      • Kyle says:

        Awesome! You are light years ahead of me – I wasn’t aware of any of this before hitting publish – truly fumbling in the dark. Then I found kboards about the time I released my second book and it completely changed everything.

        Sounds like you’re on the right track, and I’ll be sure to buy your book as soon as it comes out!

  13. Andrew Edwards says:

    Great series. I stumbled upon it will searching for Fallout related entertainment. It is obvious that you have played the games. You incorporated so much of what I love about the games, while making it your own. I look forward to your next work.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Hello, Kyle…Just finished reading “XENOFALL”. LOVE IT !!! I was the first to write a review on b&n. 5 star review, too !!! Can’t wait for the next new series or more on The Wasteland Chronicles. Please, keep the GOOD READS coming !!!

  15. I just finished Xenofall, it is an amazing series. I cannot wait for the follow-up series!

  16. Rebecca says:

    I can’t wait, Kyle !!!

  17. bryan southard says:

    Kyle, I read the series and I absolutely loved it, one thing I would like to say is that you need to watch and go back over your books a few times before you finalize them because I was able to find typos left and right( I even found a typo that said asston instead if ashton) but overal a great series. I know that you’ll be making another series about after the 400 years and about the day of xenofall and what not, but what would be really cool is if you could make a prequal to the wasteland chronicles and make the prequal about before ragnarok and dr. Corneilius ashtons expiriences and agustus and the keener family.

    • Kyle says:

      Bryan, what book did you find that particular typo in? I can go fix it immediately. I pay good money for editing so I’m a bit upset that you’ve found so many typos. Before I publish, at least four pairs of eyes go over each book (not counting my own), so I sincerely apologize. After what you’ve told me, I’ll be changing my editing process, because I’ve had similar complaints from other fans.

      That said, I’m glad you enjoyed the series and thanks for letting me know. I’ve thought about doing a prequel, but that would be far down the pipeline.

  18. Ben Johnson says:

    PLEASE READ!!!!!!!
    I am a huge fan of this all of all books written by Kyle West. (including Night of the Necromancer.) I think that it is time these Post Apocalyptic books get popular, and I mean like “Hunger Games” popular. I was ok with the hunger games and I did love the maze runner series, but those books are not as good as The Wasteland Chronicles. Its time that this good series gets popular. I am doing my best to broadcast these books around my school. I am asking all humans (not under the control of the Radaskim) to tell everyone you know to read these books, to make millions read the #1 greatest series ever written! MAKE THIS SERIES HUGE MAKE IT LOVED! -Ben Johnson.

  19. Jake Mikesell says:

    I just finished the whole series of the Wasteland Chronicles and I LOVED it!!! I have to say, you a did a excellent writing job for suspense, adventure, fantasy, setting and action. I really loved the characters and their personalities (especially Alex). I also liked how you formed the plot over the course of the series and added a few surprises along the way (especially Alex marrying Anna). All your books were-hard-to-put-down-books. I just couldn’t stop reading!!!!! I can’t wait for your next series!

  20. Ben Johnson says:

    Another person with a beautiful taste for books, so again please everyone tell your friends to read kyle’s books!

  21. Jake Mikesell says:

    Thanks Ben!

  22. Sonia says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I am on Book 3 of your Wasteland Chronicles and am thoroughly hooked. As a longtime horror and mystery fan this is my first real exploration of science fiction (aside from my addiction to the Resident Evil and X-Men/Avengers movies). You are quite talented. Thanks!

  23. Kyle Kelly says:

    I found this series about a month ago and got hooked from the start. I got the rest of the books and read through them all in under a week because I was really into it. I am re-reading it now and I keep thinking about how everything is revealed later on and what happens to all the characters and it almost makes me sad to know how it all ends. I hope you continue to make books like this and keep up the good work.

  24. Steven Andrews says:

    I’m on the last bit of no 7 and love it, so well thought out. To keep it together up to nearly 1/2 million words is exceptional! Well done Kyle, you have a new Scottish fan. Cheers

  25. charles cornforth says:

    Hey Kyle, I stumbled upon the wasteland chronicles when browsing books for my kindle. I just bought book 5 today and it is safe to say I love the series so far. I think you could make an excellent movie series out of these books and am curious if you have thought about pursuing a movie or even a TV series adaption?

    • Kyle says:

      Thanks, glad you like the series. As far as a movie, yes, it would be awesome, but there is literally nothing I can do to make it happen. The series would have to get amazingly popular, which it really isn’t at this stage. Which is fine. My goal is just to write books people enjoy.

      • david says:

        Hey kyle, absolutely love the series bought and read Xenofall the day of release and just simply wow! Can’t wait to see the future of the wasteland! I do share your books with anyone who will listen as they are better than many i have read before. Keep up the amazing writing!

      • Kyle says:

        Awesome! I love hearing that you’re sharing my work. I think you’ll enjoy the next series. The first book of the Xenoworld Saga is out, and the second should be out in a couple of weeks.

  26. Jesse says:

    You will definitely enjoy the next series – it grabs you from the moment it starts.. I found this series when Kyle only had the first book out and I really fell in love right away. You can see the maturity in the writing as time goes on and this newest series will be the best yet.

    Kyle – it isn’t easy to write a book and it definitely isn’t easy to get noticed and published, but I think the Xenoworld Saga may be the start you need.

    So far so good!

    Please keep writing =)

    • Kyle says:

      Thanks Jesse! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I honestly think Xenoworld will be better than WC, in the end. I always strive to improve.

  27. Dave says:

    Just finished Book 1 of Wasteland and am amazed. Characters keep jumping out at me like in a movie. I am so happy to have found you. Thanks for writing!

    • Kyle says:

      Awesome! I love that you’re liking it. I’ve gotten lots of comments that it would make a great movie. Hope you continue to enjoy.

  28. Annette says:

    Love your Wasteland series. I’ve read the series thru #5 on my nook. Will #6 and #7 be available on the nook soon? Great reads!!

  29. Kathleen McKeon says:

    Hi, Just read Omnibus, loved it. I am trying to get the next book in the series, Revelation but it is not available through my Nook, nor are the others after that. What is available are: Omnibus, Bastion, Covert Deceptions, Origins, Evolution, Prophecy and Apocalypse. Is there some way I can get your other books on my Nook. P.S. I am not very good yet with this whole reader business.

    Thanks for any help with this, again I really love this story and would like to keep reading it:)

  30. David Small says:

    Get it on the big screen!!

  31. rongsee says:

    I usually am not a fan of apocalyptic books but yours really hooked me in. Keep up your good work!

  32. John Barrett says:

    Can you please let make a picture of the recon I am still trying to picture its size and layout. Also I am very impressed and interested in this series. I am actually working on a project for my English class on dystopian books and have fallen in love with your books.

  33. Mitch says:

    I’m not a reader, and I could not stop reading these books. I really think it would make a great movie series. Well done Kyle

  34. David says:

    Loving these books! Bought the first one to keep me occupied while travelling to school by bus and what do you know? Im buying the whole series, they just get you overhooked and addicted to the storyline…

  35. Jaakko says:


    I did not find “The Wasteland Chronicles book 5 Darkness” from google book store, and I’m pretty sure I did use all the correct search keywords. Any estimate when it should be available on Google Play store?

    • Kyle says:

      Hi Jakko. It will not be for about 90 Days. For now, all Wasteland Chronicles books are exclusive to Amazon. You can download them from there using the Kindle app.

  36. Rudd Hunsberger says:

    Hi Kyle, enjoyed book one of the Wasteland Chronicles, sorta took me into semi Fallout 2/3 scenario. Went to purchase rest of the set in iBooks, couldn’t find them. Saw they were exclusive on amazon. Bummer – hate Kindle, have since day one. Guess I’ll have to hope for return to iBooks. Totally understand your need to do what you have to.
    Thanks for the story so far.

    • Kyle says:

      They are until October 7. Sorry you have to wait…odds are I’ll end up putting all my books back up on other retailers by then. If you follow my blog there will be announcement, but I’m pretty sure that’s the way it’ll go. Unfortunately I’m locked into it for the next couple months.

  37. George says:

    Hi, got the first 3 on Kobo and I’m hooked. I hope you release the rest on Kobo again so I can finish the series.

  38. Mitch A says:

    I was wondering if books 4-6 are released in audio form?

  39. Mitch A says:

    Your killing me lol. I have a part time job I can listen to audio as I am doing the job. Helps pass the time. Great books so far. I keep finding series that I cant finish because no more audio books or they are still in the works. Keep up the good work.

  40. Mitch A says:

    and yes I will definitely read the last 3 and finish this series!!!

  41. Marie-Louise says:

    found the books by chance (audio books). love them. but it seems that only the first 3 are audiobooks. will the last books come as audiobook ??

  42. Matthew says:

    Wow I downloaded the first book on Apple for free and i loved it I bought the rest of them I’m on the last book now and I just have to say you are a amazing writer I’ve been hooked since day one. I give this series a 5/5 and I’ve been trying to get all my friends to read it to. I found the hidden gem in all those free book on iBooks. And I’m definitely going to read the follow up series for sure. Keep up the great work and you now have a new fan for life.

  43. A random admirer says:

    these things are great. Theres also another series which is my favorite book. It’s called the enemy series. It’s really great. check it out

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