The Xenoworld Saga

Four centuries have passed since the Ragnarok War, and the world has forgotten the future threat to come…

Technology has regressed, and the heroes of the original war are now worshiped as gods. Their deeds have faded, and the truth is buried in myth. Their descendants live on, the Elekai. They live in the Red Wild, once known as the Great Blight.

West of the Red Wild is the Colonian Covenant, who revile the Elekai and their mysterious powers. As the two sides war, the Radaskim armada draws ever closer to a forgetful Earth.

This time, their invasion will not fail . . .

56 thoughts on “The Xenoworld Saga

  1. So in the first series the story played in the U.S and mexico will there be any other places like another planet or another continent

    1. Yes. The Eastern U.S. will be included, along with places like China and South America. I’m unsure whether the characters will actually be visiting these places, but they will be relevant to the geopolitical landscape.

  2. Also, given 400 years, have humans explored Mars or other planets? Just some good ideas for your books!!!

    1. Working on it right now. I’m about 30,000 words into it, so about 30% done with the first draft. Then editing, and such and such. If I had to guess 2-3 months.

  3. After a week, I’ve finally finished Prophecy and I must say, it is so great to be back in this world. The connection I feel with the new characters is already comparable to the connection I felt with Alex, Anna, and the rest of the gang, this was well worth the wait! One question, will this series be released in physical form? I’m making it a goal to own all of my favorite books that I read on my kindle physically, and then display them proudly, and this book is a must have to me. Fantastic job yet again, thank you for continuing the series that got me back into reading, I hope your writing goes well.

    1. That’s fantastic! I’m glad you’re connecting with the characters. I was little nervous going forward because it’s quite different from the original series but to hear that you like it is great. Consider leaving a review to let people know what you think! And yes, I am working on a paperback for Prophecy. It should be out within a week.

  4. When I will the 3rd book be out because this is a very good series and I can’t wait till the next book comes out!

  5. OK, it took me all of two weeks to read the 7 books of Wasteland Chronicles and the first 2 books of Xenoworld Saga. I love this series!!!!! Couldn’t put them down.

    Best regards,

  6. Hi! Any word on book three yet? I’m dying here! Loved you followed the Wasteland series. Thoroughly enjoying! karen

    Please stop killing off the dragons! It makes me cry!

  7. I have been reading the wasteland chronicles and I’m on the sixth book. It is my favorite series I have read so far. So sad it is almost over

    1. Don’t be sad! The story does not end at Xenofall. There’s a follow-up series that continues the storyline but in the future. And when THAT series is finished, well, I’m still working on putting out more books and all will be similar in a way to WC. I’m really glad you like the series! It’s a high compliment.

  8. I am halfway through reading Bastion, and wish you could write as fast as I can read. I look forwards to visiting the characters every night before I sleep. It’s like visiting with friends. Keep up the great writing.

  9. When do you think Book 3 on the Xenoworld Saga is going to be out. These two series are literally the old book series I read.

  10. I have so enjoyed your books, the only problem is I read about one a day so I have to make myself put them down… I have to say that I have had to add you to some of my favorite authors like Brooks, Donaldson, Eddings and Asimov… Keep up the great work… I am so looking forward to the rest of the Xenoworld Saga…

  11. Just completed both series
    What a rush
    Can’t wait for next book
    Best read I’ve had in a long time, keep the words coming

  12. I was well impressed at your wasteland xenofall sagas, having both dragons ( which is one of my fab reads) and also dystopian mixed in has to be the most incredible reads I have come across. Can’t wait for Beacon to come out and have been checking in every day for the release date. Please keep the books coming can’t get enough of them. thank you.

  13. Hope you enjoy your time off, sounds like you need a break after writing both series so quick. Can’t wait for the next one. I check website everyday.👍

  14. I have just read both series in a month and i’ve just realised the next book is not written yet. AHHHHH! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? I loved them all and will impatiently await the next instalment.

  15. I have finished book 3 of zenaworld sage but can’t find book 4 on amazon,. has the title changed or is it not finished yet?

  16. Maybe I just don’t know where to look but I can’t find anything on the newest book in the xenoworld saga….I’m dying to read it.

    1. Greetings fellow West! It’s not out yet. I’m working on book 4 at the moment and it’s in the editing stage. Hopefully it’ll be out of my hands by mid-September, and out in late Sept. or early Oct. Sorry about your wait but it’ll be a bit of time before it’s out. But not too long.

    1. Brilliant writing. Wonderful imagination. Both Wasteland Chronicles and xenoworld Saga are magnificent I can’t wait for release of book 4 of Saga.j

  17. Just finished Wasteland Chronicles and really enjoyed them. To be honest it reminded me of playing Fallout 3 at the start which is a good thing. Now should I buy the existing Xenoworld Saga books now or wait until they’re all out so I can binge read?

    1. Definitely Fallout influence for the first few, but I think it diverges toward the end (and it definitely does in the next series). I’d say go on if you can wait between books, but I’m working hard to get the entire series done by next year.

  18. Going crazy waiting for the next Xenoworld Saga Book! I’ve devoured ten of your books in the last six weeks. Please, keep em coming fast!

  19. I am eagerly waiting for the next book I wish I had waited also. I have read them all in the right order and not having the remaining books in the series available is like walking out of the cinema halfway through a movie. Please Kyle, hurry with the rest of the books in the series.

  20. I just discovered The Xenoworld Saga. I read The Wasteland Chronicles and became thoroughly immersed. I started this new series, feeling like a time traveler. After reading the first four chapters, I have a feeling of extreme sadness. Humanity not only forgot History, but seem to have rejected the very essence that saved Earth.
    I suspect that the author is mirroring history, where Mankind first forgets, then rejects history, such as Natzi atrocities.
    I look forward to see this new series unfold. You have a knack for creating a rich world, bringing out the best and worst of humanity and aliens.

  21. Read all wasteland chronicals and just finished sanctum from the xenoworld saga. They are amazing and can not wait for book 5. Great job, fantastic and original. Keep at it!

    1. Awesome! Glad you like it. Believe me I’m ready for book 5 to be out too! Stay tuned here…trying to get it out by the end of the month but I just moved so things have been very busy. Thanks for the comment!

  22. Hi Kyle my name is Jesse and I am an avid reader who is looking forward to the next book in the xenoworld saga which is supposed to come out late july …….. But anyways the really point of this message was to tell you that I think your writing is right up there with Clive Cussler and Preston and Lincoln Child…..And one more thing I noticed something on your site about Darker fantasy? If your serious about this I Highly HIGHLY advise you look into Patrick Rothfuss’s Work his books are the best books I’ve ever read and they mirror the themes you laid out for your dark fantasy novel almost exactly ( P.S. I’m not sure if I spelled his name right so if you do look into it a book he wrote is called The Wise Mans Fear…) I hope to hear back from you sincerely a devoted reader:)

    1. Hi Jesse! Glad you’re enjoying the books. I’ve actually read Rothfuss and I like him! He has two books, first one is called Name of the Wind, and the second is Wise Man’s Fear. Just saying that in case you haven’t read the first one. I’ve always wanted to write fantasy, but Xenoworld is the closest I’ve come so far even if it has some sci-fi elements thrown in. Anyway, thanks for reading!

  23. I’m on the last book of wasteland chronicles, Xenofall. Would book 1 of Xenoworld Saga be the next one. I know it’s a new series but is it kind of a continuation of the Wasteland Chronicles 7 book series?

    1. Yep, it’s a continuation of the series, about 400 years later. The series is heavily reliant on WC and the two series are definitely interconnected.

  24. Hey Kyle! I just finished Xenoworld Saga! I absolutely LOVED this sequel series! Aberration was a fantastic book and ending to such a great story. Loved the way it ended and loved learning about the lore behind The Nameless One, what a twist! I think it ended the way it should have ended and brought justice to the Elekai. I am sad that this series and world have come to an end but I am all the more excited to read what you have next in-store for your new series.

    1. I appreciate that Jake! I always knew the Nameless One would be the “ultimate bad guy” but just how didn’t really materialize until the final book. I’m glad things ended the way they did.

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