I’ve re-posted this from my Facebook:

“Here’s the update: the book is pretty much in its final form. I’ve added an additional 10,000 words, but the problem is my usual copy-editor is backlogged and can’t get to it for two weeks. No bueno. I could release now, but there are likely quite a few typos/grammar issues that my eyes simply cannot catch and I will not release the book like that. There comes a point where you’ve read your words so many times that you only see what you want to see.

At this moment I am seeking speedy copy-editing elsewhere as I simply cannot wait two weeks for the book to be out, especially after you all have been so patient. Thank you again for all of your patience! I’m sorry there have been so many snafus and kinks, and hopefully I will have a final answer for when the book will be out. A copy-editor is hard to find!”

My hope is that the book will be out in no more than a few days. As I said in the post, I could release now, but I know from experience that it is very bad to release a book before it’s been looked at by a professional. Yes, it has been copy-edited once, but there are still those 10,000 extra words there that have not been looked at by a professional copy-editor. I just don’t want to risk mistakes.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. It should be out soon.

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  • Okay this a goofy idea buuuutttt. My daughter, Kaari, is a natural editor. Not professional though she has edited many things for friends and others. Give her a shot if you’re really desperate. She would probably work for free just to enter in the professional side of the business. Reach her at kmiller729@gmail.com thank you!

    • Mare I’m happy to let her look! It’s basically just typos, grammar, stuff like that. Another reader volunteered found quite a few things already and once he’s done there might not be much left. She can still look at it if she wants too!

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