Are Wasteland Chronicles/Xenoworld done?

Yes, those two series are concluded.

Is there a chance for more stories set in the WC/XS universe?

Of course! Be sure to check out Lost Angel, which goes into Makara and Samuel’s backstory. There might be other prequels, and I’ve thought of writing stuff set in between the two series, too. There is definitely a lot of ground to explore, I mean we’re talking about almost five hundred years of history and lore. It sort of depends on sales and demand.

How can I become a Beta Reader?

I’m always looking for new beta reading talent! I’d like to expand my team by about 7 people, but I’m also pretty selective to make sure someone is serious about making a book better rather than just scoring a free read.

These are the qualities I look for:

  1. A love for all things sci-fi and fantasy.
  2. A detailed eye that often finds typos.
  3. Has real life experience with writing or editing.
  4.  A voracious reader who can keep up with a fast writing output.
  5.  Willing to write reviews on Amazon once the book once is published.

The list isn’t exhaustive, but there is a secret way to become a beta reader that never fails. Next time, when you are reading one of my books, make a note of where you found mistakes and send them to me in an email. Voila, you’re a guaranteed beta reader for life!

This is what you get in return:

  1. You get to read the book before anyone else.
  2. You get the satisfaction of knowing you helped make a book better, providing pivotal feed back and improving the reading experience of hundreds of people.

Where are the audiobooks of Revelation, Darkness, Extinction, and Xenofall?

They are currently in production! Revelation will most likely be out in December 2020, and the rest will follow shortly after.

Have you ever considered turning Wasteland Chronicles/Xenoworld Saga into a movie or Netflix series?

Ah, if only it were that easy! I think some readers have a misconception that I’m a super popular author who just rakes in the money. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m an independent publisher. I do my own writing, editing, and marketing. I’m far from a point where anyone would consider turning my work into a live action series.

But hey, anything is possible. And if you really want to see a live-action series someday, the best way is to share my books with your friends and family.

How much money do you make per book?

It depends on the retailer, but I make anywhere from 51% to 70% of each e-book sale. My biggest margin is on paperbacks purchased directly from Amazon, so if you want to support me the most financially and have the dosh to spend, buy a paperback. However, I want you to read in any form that is most convenient and comfortable for you. Don’t bankrupt yourself for my sake.

What is the best way I can support you?

  1. Spread the word and let people know just how great you think my books are!
  2. Leave a good review! Reviews are super helpful for me as a writer and they don’t take much time at all. 2-3 sentences describing what you loved about the book can influence a reader to give a mostly unknown author a chance.

When will your next book be out?

My next series is under construction and coming along nicely. The first book will almost certainly be out by late November/early December. As I get closer to finishing it, a release date will become firmer in my mind.

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