What are you working on now?

A new Science Fantasy series called The Starsea Cycle. First book is due for release in January 2021!

Why aren’t your books in Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited readers may not know this, but for an author to be in Kindle Unlimited, they must make their eBooks exclusive to Amazon. This means I wouldn’t be allowed to sell my eBooks on other sites that many of my readers prefer to use (such as Apple Books or Google Play). They can’t even be made available to a library.

This complication, unfortunately, means Amazon’s business model and my personal philosophy don’t line up, because:

a. I don’t want to leave my readers who use other sites out in the cold;

b. I make less money when I’m exclusive to Amazon;

c. I don’t like being told what to do.

There have been two points in my writing career where I’ve experimented with being enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, and if that’s how you discovered me, I regret to say you won’t be able to find any of my books through the program. But I do hope you’ll join me for any future adventures and you still want to be my fan!

Are Wasteland Chronicles/Xenoworld done?

Yes, those two series are concluded.

Is there a chance for more stories set in the WC/XS universe?

Of course! Be sure to check out Lost Angel, which goes into Makara and Samuel’s backstory. There might be other prequels, and I’ve thought of writing stuff set in between the two series, too. There is definitely a lot of ground to explore, I mean we’re talking about almost five hundred years of history and lore. It sort of depends on sales and demand.

Where are the audiobooks of Revelation, Darkness, Extinction, and Xenofall?

They are currently in production! Expect all four to be out in early 2021!

Have you ever considered turning Wasteland Chronicles/Xenoworld Saga into a movie or Netflix series?

Ah, if only it were that easy! I think some readers have a misconception that I’m a super popular author who just rakes in the money. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m an independent publisher. I do my own writing, editing, and marketing. I’m far from a point where anyone would consider turning my work into a live action series.

But hey, anything is possible. And if you really want to see a live-action series someday, the best way is to share my books with your friends and family.

How much money do you make per book?

It depends on the retailer and the price, but generally speaking, 70% per list price on an e-book and much less on an audiobook. Paperbacks I make $2-3 per sale.

What is the best way I can support you?

  1. Spread the word and let people know just how great you think my books are!
  2. Leave a good review! Reviews are super helpful for me as a writer and they don’t take much time at all.

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